email  Email and Collaboration

Email, calendar, other productivity services, and network share drive requests are maintained by Information Technology Services.


DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) email alerts for Outlook 365 will be implemented for all students, faculty and staff. An automated alert will be issued if text is detected that matches certain restricted data elements.


Email and Calendars

University email is hosted by Microsoft Office 365 as a cloud service. It can be accessed over the web at https://ummail.memphis.edu, or using any popular email client.


Email Distribution Groups

Create and manage an email distribution group for your organization. A new email address will be associated with your group that anyone can send a message to. The email will be sent to all members of the group.


How do I change my email address or my how my name is displayed when I send emails? (Preferred Email Name)

The preferred email address option allows users to select a more convenient preferred email address (such as FirstName.LastName@memphis.edu). The UUID will remain as the primary email address, but users can choose to send and receive email at the preferred address. The customized display email option allows users to select how their names are displayed when sending/receiving email. Options for preferred email and customized display name are generated based on a user's legal name as listed in the UofM systems.



OneDrive (Microsoft's internet-based storage platform) is available for use with internal and external (non-UofM) colleagues. This service provides a solution for sharing documents with others while working on research, class projects or administrative collaboration. 


Mailing List (Listserv)

The purpose of Listserv is to disseminate a single message simultaneously to a group of people (subscribers). The main goal is to provide an additional option for mass mailing to enable effective communication with other schools, institutions, businesses or individual subscribers via newsletters, announcements, news alerts, press releases, promotional offers etc.



Softdocs Etrieve suite of products is UofM’s electronic forms, workflow and signature solution. With Etrieve Forms, users can take paper-based forms and build sophisticated, interactive electronic forms that are easily completed online. Route your electronic forms through a pre-determined, automated workflow with Etrieve Flow, and users can review, approve, deny, comment or re-route forms based on need. Softdocs Etrieve is a cloud-based application that allows users to send and sign securely and automate both basic and complex routing workflows.



Microsoft Teams is the hub for group collaboration in Microsoft 365 that integrates people, content, and applications. Teams brings simplicity to teamwork by joining collaboration, sharing, and communication all under one platform.



umWiki is the University document share and collaboration tool. This tool can be used to create documents, web pages, and share them with others for viewing and/or editing. umWiki requires an active university account for access. Students are allowed to create pages in their personal wiki space. Students are not allowed to create additional spaces. Faculty and staff are allowed to create as many spaces and pages as they desire. umWiki site.



Effective August 12, 2024, we will discontinue the use of Zoom. We are confident that Microsoft Teams has reached a sufficient level of evolution to serve as our primary collaboration and virtual meeting platform.  Zoom Video Conferencing is Enterprise video conferencing with real-time messaging and content sharing. Join anywhere, on Any Device Simplified video conferencing and messaging across any device. Zoom Meeting syncs with your calendar system and delivers streamlined enterprise-grade video conferencing from your desktop and mobile device. Enable quick adoption with meeting capabilities that make it easy to start, join, and collaborate across any device.

Note: Access to this service may be limited in compliance with sanctions announced by the Office of Foreign Assets Control.