phone Phones, Voicemail, and CATV

Tiger Line/Long Distance Code Request

Service Description: 

Request a long distance authorization code when an individual or department needs access to make long distance calls for their department.

Who Can Request? 

Authorized members of faculty, staff, and service desk. Note: Authorized users are faculty or staff who have been identified or approved by the Dean, Chair, or Department head to request services that will incur an expenditure from a referenced, valid account.

How to Request Service?

For assistance, please submit a service request.

What Information Do I Need to Fulfill Service Request?  

Service Request must be submitted by an authorized member of faculty, staff, or Service Desk. The following information must be ready to enter in the Service Request: Affiliation, User Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Banner ID, Department Name, A valid billing index number, Department name, Department Head approving work order changes, Additional Information (users first and last name, U number, email address), Urgency, and Call Back Number.