How to Apply

Students should meet with a study abroad advisor to discuss their program choice. At this meeting, the study abroad advisor will go over the UofM online application, discuss scholarship applications, and any additional applications needed for the specific program the student is applying to. Contact Study Abroad to schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor.

Study Abroad Program

Eligibility Requirements

All Students:

  • Enrolled at the UofM as a student for duration of your program abroad. 
  • Completed one college semester prior to the time of application
  • GPA: Please note that the UofM Education Abroad Office does not have a GPA requirement for any UofM faculty-led programs. For other program types, our office will refer to the GPA requirements of our partner universities and third-party providers. Please ask a UofM Education Abroad Advisor, if you have any additional questions. 

Choosing a Program

Some students hear about a study abroad program through class visits or faculty members. Others use our website to search based on their preferences. If you are still searching for the right program, follow the steps below:

  1. Consider how long you want to be abroad. Some programs are a week or a month long while other are full semesters or an academic year.
  2. Consider what you want to study. You can take courses toward your major or minor while abroad. You can also take electives, general education courses, or language courses.
    Once you have decided which program you are interested in and which courses you want to take, meet with your academic advisor to ensure that the courses fit into your degree plan.
  3. Consider where you want to go. It can be helpful to have a region of the world in mind when narrowing your options.
  4. Use our Search Tool  to find programs that meet your criteria. Start with just one parameter, like your major. If there are too many options then add your preferred term or location to your search.
  5. Review program brochures. We try to include detailed information about each program on the program brochure. Be sure to note the terms that the program is available and the application deadline. If the program title does not have a star icon next to it, then it is likely a provider program. Provider programs will have a link to the programs "Homepage" at the top of the brochure. Use this link to view in depth program information.

Applying for a Program

Once you have found the right program:

  1. Click the "Apply Now" button in the top right corner of the program page.
  2. Use your UofM student log-in credentials to start the application.
  3. Semester and some short-term programs require you to meet with an advisor before your program application is created.

Application Process

  1. Once your application is created, you can access it by going to the Study Abroad Homepage and clicking "Log-In".
  2. Use your UofM student log-in credentials to log-in. 
  3. Once logged in, you can click the program title to access your program application. 
  4. You will see a checklist of items that you must complete. All items must have a check mark next to them before the program deadline. 
  5. Application requirements vary by program. We suggest that you meet with a study abroad advisor to review the application items. 

UofM Study Abroad Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements

Undergraduate Students:

  • Enrolled at the UofM at the time of application
  • Completed one semester prior to the time of application
  • 2.75 GPA - Please note that applicants whose GPA falls below the GPA requirement can still submit an application

Graduate Students:

  • Completed 6 credit hours at the University of Memphis
  • Be in "Good Standing"

Start an Application

  1. Visit memphis.edu/abroad/funding/scholarships.php
  2. Click on "University of Memphis Study Abroad Scholarship"
  3. Select the scholarship you are applying for: Undergraduate/Graduate and Term (Summer/Fall/Spring/Academic Year/Spring Break)
  4. Click "Apply Now" and log-in with your UofM User ID and password to begin your application
  5. Submit the following by the application deadline:
    • Academic Advisor Approval (Submitted Electronically)
    • Recommendation from a UofM Instructor/Professor (Submitted Electronically)
    • Unofficial Transcript (Submitted Electronically)
    • Statement of Purpose (Submitted Electronically)