Desert to Delta



Thanks to all who attended the symposium!

The following is the order of the program for Desert to Delta: A Symposium on Contemporary Art from Saudi Arabia:

Location: Room 250 of the Art and Communication Building
Time: 1-6 pm
Date: November 5, 2017
Admission: free
event page: here

1. Introductory remarks by AMUM director, Leslie Luebbers, Ph.D. 10 minutes
2. Introduction to AMUM project and overview of exhibition, Warren Perry 20 minutes
3. Beverly Tsacoyianis, Saudi history 30 minutes
4. Dan Mills, project history and curating the contemporary Saudi experience 30 minutes
5. Samira Rahbe, Saudi street art 30 minutes

Break 10 minutes

6. Sandra Williams, the challenge of the one person show, Abdulnasser Gharem and LACMA 30 minutes
7. Basmah Felemban, art and the cosmos 30 minutes
8. Program wrap up 10 minutes
9. Ryan Watt, Indie Memphis, and Saudi cinema 10 minutes talk/40 minutes film program

Break 10 minutes for short walk to AMUM

10. Reception at AMUM, galleries open