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The information below is provided by:

Debra Porter | Email: dmturner@memphis.edu


The Accolades website has a long history of presenting faculty and student awards and research. Beginning in 2006, the site highlights College and University awards, faculty research, student accomplishments and awards and faculty publications. 

The site is updated once a year at the beginning of the fall semester. Next update is the first week of fall classes.

Department Websites

Some departments have assigned website maintainers in their areas and some do not. I am happy to make updates as needed for content, pictures, slideshows, forms, etc. Or I can facilitate the online training for staff/faculty. Please do not hesitate to let me know of any updates you need.

Please send me an email OR put in a helpdesk ticket

Online Forms

If you require an online form for registration of events, special email setup, surveys or voting (Qualtrics, Formsite), I am happy to set up and assist.

Slideshow Images

I can assist with collection of images appropriate for the homepage slideshow of your department site. The slideshow can be linked to special events, newsletter or programs in your area.

Flyers and Marketing Information

I will facilitate marketing projects through UofM Marketing and Communication as needed. They have a very extensive Marketing Toolkit and a Project Request Form to schedule projects. 

Debra Porter Email: dmturner@memphis.edu 

E-Files Newsletter

E-Files will be updated each month as listed below:

  • Fall Semester: August, September, October and November
  • Spring Semester: February, March, April, May

I spend a lot of time going through department social media, university news sources (This Week, Research Innovation, MPress) and emails to find information to post and am always looking for interesting research, programs, projects, presentations, awards, and pictures.

For consideration for inclusion of news from your department, please email to dmturner@memphis.edu OR to efiles@memphis.edu


Social Media @uofmcas

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram updates are usually posted/scheduled 2-4 times each day.

The information posted is often found on department social media and newsletters, university news sources (This Week, Research Innovation, MPress) and emails to find information to post.

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