Graduate Coordinator Training Series

Fall 2020: Sponsored by the College of Arts & Sciences


August 24 session: Curriculog (Tori Tardugno)

August 24 session:
Tori Tardugno

Video link
Email: vcrynlds@memphis.edu

September 14 session: UniCAS & WebAdmit (Jim Kierulff)

September 14 session:
UniCAS & WebAdmit
Jim Kierulff

Video link (video starts at frame 26)
Email: jkerulff@memphis.edu

GA contracts (Robin Poston)

September 21 session:
GA contracts
Robin Poston

Video link 1 | PDF
Email: rposton@memphis.edu

Banner (Geraldine Taylor)

October 5 session:
Geraldine Taylor

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