College of Arts & Sciences Council for Graduate Studies

The College of Arts & Sciences Council for Graduate Studies represents the faculty of the College of Arts & Sciences at The University of Memphis in the governance of research and graduate studies in the College. It is composed of one elected representative from each department with a graduate program and an Associate Dean of the College. Its duties include:

  • Approving or disapproving proposals in the areas listed below and forwarding those approved to the Dean of the College and upon his/her approval to the University Council for Graduate Studies.
    • Admission requirements within academic units
    • Curricula and programs, including courses, majors, degrees, concentrations, graduate certificate programs, and other academic programs
    • Graduate policy and procedures
    • Research policy and procedures

  • Recommending to the Dean of the College and the University Council for Graduate Studies the College-level criteria, the procedures for membership on the graduate faculty, and appointments of individuals to that faculty.

  • Nominating candidates from the College for the University of Memphis Alumni Association Awards for Distinguished Research and Creative Achievement, and Excellence in Engaged Scholarship.

  • Determining recipients of the College of Arts & Sciences Distinguished Research Award, Early Career Research Award, Professional Development Assignment Program and Travel Enrichment Awards.

  • Nominating candidates from the College for graduate student awards.

  • Acting as liaison between the University Council for Graduate Studies https://www.memphis.edu/gradschool/resources/ucgs_bylaws.php and departments within the College.

The College of Arts and Sciences Council for Graduate Studies by-laws can be found here:  https://www.memphis.edu/cas/faculty-resources/research_grants_funding/council_for_grad_studies.php

2023-2024 Council Members



Grad Council Rep

ANTH Anthropology

Wesley James

Ted Maclin

BIOL Biology

David Freeman

Shawn Brown

CERI Center Earthquake Research

Mitchell Withers

Eunseo Choi

CHEM Chemistry

Paul Simone

Tim Brewster

City & Regional Planning

Charlie Santo

Charlie Santo

COMP Computer Science

Scott Fleming

Tom Watson

CJUS Criminal Justice

Bert Burraston

James McCutcheon

Data Science

Vasile Rus

Vasile Rus

ESCI Earth Sciences

Arleen Hill

Andrew Mickelson

ENGL English

Terrence Tucker

William Duffy

HIST History

Daniel Unowsky

Andrew Daily

MATH Mathematics

Irena Lasiecka

Bentuo Zheng

PHIL Philosophy

Remy Debes

Kas Saghafi

PHYS Physics

Firouzeh Sabri

Xiao Shen

POLS Political Science

Matthias Kaelberer

Eric Groenendyk

PSYC Psychology

Randy Floyd

Helen Sable

PADM Public & Nonprofit

Sharon Wrobel

Erin Nelson

SWRK Social Work

Susan Neely-Barnes

Elena Delavega

SOCI Sociology

Gretchen Peterson

Joseph Lariscy

Urban Affairs

Davia Downey

Davia Downey

WLL World Langs & Lit

Robert Kelz

Francisco Vivar