UG Curriculum Guidelines and THEC Forms

For access to Curriculog please contact: Tori Tardugno at vcrynlds@memphis.edu

Undergraduate Curriculum Proposal Submissions


Current THEC forms and policies listed below can be found on the THEC website.

  • New Academic Units (A 1.3)
  • Academic Actions Notification (A 1.5)
  • Letter of Notification (LON) and New Academic Program Proposal (NAPP) Checklist 
  • Academic Policy A1.0 - New Academic Programs: Approval Process
  • Academic Program Modifications (APM) Checklist
  • Academic Policy A1.1 Academic Program Modifications
  • Form A1.5A Establish Certificate Program Form
  • Form A1.5B Program Name Change Form
  • Form A1.5C Concentration Name Change Form
  • Form A1.5D New Concentration within an Existing Program Form
  • Form A1.5E Change SCH Existing Program Form
  • Form A1.5F Consolidation of Academic Programs Form
  • Form A1.5G Extension Program to an Approved Center Form
  • Form A1.5H Change of Instructional Delivery Mode Form
  • Form A1.5I Inactivation of Program or Concentration Form
  • Form A1.5J Reactivation of Program or Concentration Form
  • Form A1.5K Termination of Program or Concentration Form