Dean's Outstanding Employee Award

Each year the Dean will recognize outstanding staff in the College of Arts and Sciences. All categories of full-time, non-faculty employees are eligible. Nominations may be submitted by any faculty or staff of the College. Multiple awards may be given each year. The awards will be presented during the annual Staff Appreciation Reception.

Nomination letters will be solicited each March.

Questions concerning this award should be addressed to Stormey Warren at shutsell@memphis.edu


  1. Must have been a full-time employee (non-faculty) in the College of Arts and Sciences for at least two years.
  2. Must possess skills and characteristics of an outstanding employee such as:
    • proficient knowledge of university policies and procedures
    • leadership
    • always professional in dealing with faculty, students and staff
    • a pleasant, caring, and helpful attitude
    • dependability
    • willingness to "go the extra mile"
    • excellent communication skills
    • embraces the diversity at the university
    • good self-esteem and confidence
  3. Must not have received the Outstanding Administrative Professional or the Outstanding Full-Time Clerical Employees Dean's Award within the past 5 years

NOTE: This award combines and replaces the Outstanding Administrative Professional Employees Dean's Award and the Outstanding Full-Time Clerical Employees Dean's Award

2023 Recipients

  • Cody Clinton, Director Pre-Professional Advising, Dean's Office
  • Mary Earheart-Brown, Pre-Award Coordinator, SUAPP
  • Rebecca Horowitz, Administrative Associate I, SUAPP
  • Valerie Wince, Administrative Associate I, Social Work

2022 Recipients

  • Nicole Hoyle, Administrative Associate II, Chemistry
  • Corinne O'Connor, Business Officer II, Computer Science
  • Mikhelle Taylor, Pre-Award Coordinator, CAS
  • Bridget Wells, Undergraduate Advisor, English

2021 Recipients

  • Drake Williams – Chemistry
  • Paulette Wilkerson - Anthropology
  • Rhonda Smothers – Computer Science
  • Vicki Middleton – Mathematical Science

2020 Recipients

  • Betty Wiley - Sociology
  • Courtney Paulino - Physics
  • Mattie Haynes - IIS
  • Robert Marczynski - Interdisciplinary Studies

2019 Recipients

  • Jessica Abernathy, Political Science
  • Sarah Ellis, English
  • Mary Jones, College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Office
  • Vickie Peters, School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy

2018 Recipients

  • Evell Ballard, Anthropology
  • Jessica Kelso, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Glynda Luttman, World Languages and Literatures
  • Victoria Tardugno, College of Arts & Sciences

2017 Recipients

  • Julia Crutchfield, Earth Sciences
  • DiAnne Dunn, Psychology
  • Lyndsey Rush, Computer Science

2016 Recipients

  • Cassandra Dinwiddie, Dean's Office
  • Karen Bradley, History
  • Ann Brock, Psychology

2015 Recipients

  • Kimberly Brown, Social Work
  • Rebecca Horowitz, Public and Nonprofit Administration
  • Penny Saed, CAS
  • Susan Fitzgerald, CAS

2014 Recipients

  • Cassandra Carthon, Biological Sciences
  • Danny Tally, Psychology
  • Kim Tucker, Criminology and Criminal Justice

2013 Recipients

  • Sharon Beasley, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Latica Jones, Psychology
  • Jessica Mills, Physics
  • Vickie Peters, SUAPP

2012 Recipients

  • Karen Jackett, History
  • Laura Wright, English

2011 Recipients

  • Laura Simpson, Psychology
  • Glynda Luttman, Foreign Languages
  • Michelle Smith, CERI

2010 Recipients

  • Cathy Wilhelm, Philosophy
  • Deborah Wilson, Math