Faculty Hires in WorkForum

Starting the Search

  • The committee composes the search plan and 

  • The assistant or department head initiates the request to fill the position in workForum. Open workForum and select Begin New Action, then Request to Fill Faculty Position. 

  • Choose the appropriate position number and fill out the request to fill. Be sure to attach the ad text in the Documents section.  The department pays the cost of advertising in venues other  than workforum and HigerEdJobs.com.  Try to use free list serves in your discipline.
  • Request a Guest User password when you are completing the request to fill. The guest user password will be used by search committee members to log in and view applications. In faculty searches, the applications may be viewed as soon as the applicant successfully submits.

  • You may choose to put an end date on the search. This will automatically close the pool on that date and no more people may apply. OR you may choose to check the May Continue until Filled box and enter a Begin Screening Date. If you go with the second option, you must contact facultyservices@memphis.edu to close the pool before the committee meets to select the interviewees.

  • Submit the request to Approving Authority. It will be reviewed by dean, provost, and institutional equity. The department will be notified by email when the position is approved for posting. The provost's office activates the posting. There may be a day or two of lag time between the approval for posting and the actual posting. Be sure not to send the ad to any lists serves until the posting has appeared on the UofM website.