Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS)

2022 SMACS officers

The Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS) at the University of Memphis is a chartered student and faculty-led organization dedicated to all degree levels of the sciences, specifically chemistry. We inform our members of careers in chemistry, including—but not limited to—industrial, education, and health professions to further knowledge of the sciences for preparation in these promising fields. SMACS works alongside other STEM groups on campus to stimulate scientific thinking in young minds and to promote the study of chemistry in schools around the city of Memphis through service-learning.

The purpose of SMACS is to provide outreach programs to local schools, tutor students enrolled in chemistry courses, and present insightful research through seminars from guest speakers about current topics and careers in chemistry. The Student Members of the American Chemical Society have the opportunity to network by volunteering with the regional and national ACS section to increase regional involvement with fellow chemistry students and faculty.

The 2022-2023 officers are:

Martin Guerrero - President

Camille Young - Vice President

Frederick Holman - Secretary

Isaac Perriguey - Treasurer

Quinten Connor and Sayeda Ramos  - Activities Chairs

We encourage all of our student members to join the National American Chemical Society. Learn more about the benefits of being an ACS member here. View the constitution and by-laws >

How to join SMACS and get involved:

Since the SMACS website gets out of date somewhat easily, the best ways to join SMACS are to

1) directly add your name to the RSO mailing list,   
2) join the SMACS discord server,
3) Email Dr. DeYonker