Chemistry Courses

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Pre-requisites and Permits:

Pre-requisites are strictly enforced for enrollment in chemistry lecture and laboratory courses. Check the course listing in the current Undergraduate Catalog for the latest information on requirements.

If you are currently taking a pre-requisite course at another college, or have taken a course that you would like considered as meeting a pre-requisite, please submit a permit request for the course you wish to register for.

Getting Help and Tutoring:

Repeating Chemistry Courses:

Students must earn a grade of at least "C-" in all chemistry courses, other science courses, and mathematics courses applied toward the major or minor. Chemistry courses may be repeated twice if necessary to achieve a satisfactory grade. No student may take a CHEM (or cross-listed) course more than three times in order to earn a minimum grade of "C-" without the expressed written permission of the department chairperson. To request such permission, complete this form, have it signed by your advisor, and submit it by email to pbridson@memphis.edu or fax to 901-678-3447 prior to registering for the course.

Schedule of Course Offerings:

The symbols [F], [S], [Su1], and [Su2] in the list below indicate semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer 1, and Summer 2, respectively) in which courses are usually taught. Some courses are offered on an alternating basis, once every two years, even [E] or odd [O] years: [EF], [ES], [OF], and [OS]. Some special topics courses (indicated by [ST]) are offered on an irregular basis, usually not more frequently than once every two years. Fall and spring courses offered at the Lambuth campus are indicated by [LF] or [LS] respectively. For information on current course availability and to register for classes, log in to MyMemphis. For more information:

Follow the links below for information on individual courses and instructor-specific on-line materials where available.

  • 1010: Chemistry of Materials (lecture) [F, S]
  • 1011: Chemistry of Materials Laboratory [F, S]
  • 1020: Chemistry of Life (lecture) [S]
  • 1021: Chemistry of Life Laboratory [S]
  • 1110: General Chemistry I (lecture) [F, S, Su1, LF]; Honors [F]
  • 1111: General Chemistry I Laboratory [F, S, Su1, LF]; Honors [F]
  • 1120: General Chemistry II (lecture) [F, S, Su2, LS]; Honors [S]
  • 1121: General Chemistry II Laboratory [F, S, Su2, LS]; Honors [S]
  • 3111: Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry [S]
  • 3201: Foundations of Analytical Chemistry Laboratory [F]
  • 3211: Foundations of Analytical Chemistry (lecture) [F]
  • 3301: Foundations of Organic Chemistry Laboratory [F, S, Su1, LF]
  • 3310: Foundations of Organic Chemistry (lecture) [F, S, Su1, LF]
  • 3411: Foundations of Physical Chemistry (lecture) [S]
  • 3501: Foundations of Bioorganic Chemistry Laboratory [F, S, Su2, LS]
  • 3511: Foundations of Bioorganic Chemistry (lecture) [F, S, Su2, LS]
  • 4001: Environmental Chemistry [OS]
  • 4111: Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry [F]
  • 4201: Instrumental Analysis Laboratory [F]
  • 4211: Instrumental Analysis [F]
  • 4310: Intermediate Organic Chemistry [ES]
  • 4311: Physical Organic Chemistry [F]
  • 4315: Organic Medicinal Chemistry [EF]
  • 4406: Molecular Spectroscopy Laboratory [OS]
  • 4416: Molecular Spectroscopy (lecture) [OS]
  • 4411: Intermediate Physical Chemistry [OF]
  • 4414: Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy [EF]
  • 4501: Biochemistry Laboratory (cross listed as BIOL 4503) [F, S]
  • 4511: Biochemistry I (lecture, cross listed as BIOL 4511) [F, S]
  • 4512: Biochemistry II (lecture, cross listed as BIOL 4512) [S]
  • 4580: Chemical Biology [ST]
  • 4614: Polymer Chemistry [OF]
  • 4901: Chemical Research I [F, S, Su]
  • 4902: Chemical Research II [F, S, Su]
  • 4903: Chemical Research III [F, S, Su]