Apostille/Notary of Diploma

Apostille Process

For an apostille, the diploma is signed by the University Registrar or President in front of a notary. Then, in Tennessee it has to be sent to the Shelby County Clerk for the notary to be validated and forwarded to the Tennessee Secretary of State for the apostille to be added. This process is typically requested by the graduate who needs a notarized diploma to be sent internationally.

What is needed from student-

1. Order a diploma online via the Commencement Office website (www.memphis.edu/commencement - click on "Diplomas" on the left side of the screen then click "Reorder diplomas" on the right side of the screen). Indicate on the order form that the diploma should be delivered/mailed to Registrar in the Registrar's Office. Student should contact Registrar prior to ordering so she will know to expect the diploma and that an apostille is needed.

2. Send a letter to Registrar that lists where you want the diploma delivered after the apostille has been added.
Office of the Registrar
University of Memphis
003 Wilder Tower
Memphis, TN 38152

3. Enclose two checks or money orders:
Made out to "Shelby County Clerk" in the amount of $5.00
Made out to "Tennessee Secretary of State" in the amount of $2.00

4. Also, provide Registrar with a FedEx account number that will be used three times: delivery to Shelby County Clerk, delivery to Tennessee Secretary of State, and delivery to the final destination.

If you have family or friends in the Memphis area that can assist, it is easier. If that is the case, then a friend or family member can pick up the notarized diploma from the Registrar's Office and take it to the Shelby County Clerk in downtown Memphis. There, they would pay the processing fee to the Shelby County Clerk, leave a check for the Tennessee Secretary of State, as well as pre-pay the delivery charges.


Apostille for Shelby County Clerk and TN Secretary of State.  

-They charge per document.  

-If a graduate needs transcripts and letters from instructors, additional fees will be required.  

-If a graduate wants to go through the Authentication process, there will be additional processes and fees required that are different from the Apostille process. Please contact the Registrar's Office for details. 

Apostille Contact:
Sheynah Craft: scraft@memphis.edu