Diploma Corrections

The Commencement Office is willing to correct any errors/damages caused by shipping or our office. See below for the types of errors we are happy to correct. 


If you have the following errors, please email our office at commencement@memphis.edu: 

  • Water damage to the package and diploma (left on porch during rain)
  • Bent diploma
  • Incorrect degree or honors
  • Incorrect spelling of name (does not include new name that is different from your program approved name)

The damaged or incorrect diploma must be returned to our office before a new copy can be released. Once the damaged or incorrect diploma is returned to us, we will order a new copy of your original diploma at no cost to you. If your diploma was damaged in shipment and you are in the Memphis area, we strongly encourage you to pick up your diploma from our office once it is ready. Speak to a Commencement representative for more details. 

Name Changes

All students are required to proof their name in the program prior to Commencement. The name listed in the Commencement program is the name that must stand on your diploma. Any changes to your name after Commencement will require a Reorder Duplicate copy of your diploma for $20.00. 

Unfortunately, the Commencement Office is unable to provide new diplomas that are results of natural disasters, fires, floods, etc. Individuals can order a duplicate copy of a diploma for $20.00 at our Reorder Diploma site. 


Upon successful review, your degree will be certified, and diploma processed. Diplomas are mailed 4 months after each commencement and not available earlier. You should ensure we have your correct address on your Graduation Application. We only use the Address on Step 3 of your Graduation Application to mail diplomas.  

Updating Your Address  

You have one month after Commencement to update your address with our office. To update your office, email us at commencement@memphis.edu no later than one month after the commencement date. On the email include Name, Unumber, Major and New and Full Address to mail your diploma. It is your responsibility to update your address with The Commencement Office. Your receipt of this email is confirmation of your understanding. Simply updating your address on the portal does not update your diploma with this office. Update your diploma address with the Commencement Office directly as stated in this email. It is your responsibility to understand this.

Did not receive Diploma?

If you do not have your diploma by the 4-month date after Commencement, you have until 1 month to let us know. Otherwise, all individuals who do not contact us by our deadline about not receiving their diploma will be charged the duplicate diploma fee of $20.00 for a copy of their diploma. It is your responsibility to contact us in a timely manner.

Failure to update your address one month after Commencement.

If you do not update your address within the timeframe indicated, you will be responsible for ordering a copy of your diploma on our website (There is a cost of $20.00). All diplomas are mailed standard USPS. If you do not receive your diploma and contact us with a new address-different from the one of your graduation application-you will be sent the reorder link and upon processing the diploma will be sent to the new address, you provide to us on the form.  It is your responsibility to understand this.

Damaged Diplomas

If your first diploma arrives damaged that we will mail to you, please contact us, and send photographs of the damage (diploma, mailer, etc. must be visible in the photo and damage must be easily seen and unfiltered, etc.). We will replace the diploma and send it back to the same address it was mailed originally.

What is listed on the diploma? What information will the diploma display?   

Diplomas will only reflect the degree, any undergraduate honors distinctions, and undergraduate departmental honors. Majors, Minors, Concentrations, etc. are available on your transcripts and will not be placed on the diploma. Graduate Students do not have honors distinction. 

  • Student’s name as listed on Step 3 and Step 4 of the application. 
  • College or School Name 
  • Degree Name 
  • University Name 
  • Date of Graduation 
  • Undergraduate Academic honors, if earned 
  • Undergraduate College honors, if earned 
  • Undergraduate Departmental honors, if earned 
  • No, we do not have digital copies currently.
  • For more information, revisit https://www.memphis.edu/commencement/apply/index.php

Diplomas & Graduate Certificates will be mailed 4 months after Commencement. They are not available any earlier and not available for pickup. It is your responsibility to ensure we have your correct address. Please pay close attention to the following

  • Diplomas are mailed 4 months after each Commencement. They are not available for pick-up. 
  • The address on your Graduation Application is what we use. 
  • If you have an update to your address, email us one month after Commencement Day. Do not simply update your address with the University. Again, the address we use is the address that is listed on our graduation application. 
  • If you do not update your address by our deadline above, you will be charged for any reprints, if necessary.  
  • We do not have digital copies (soft copy). 
  • If you have a financial obligation with the University, your diploma will not be processed or mailed until after we are notified that the fees are paid in full. To pay off any financial obligations visit student business services.  
  • Unofficial Transcripts can be found on your MyMemphis account and include your degree/conferral of degree information.
  • The official document of your degree is the Transcript and Degree Verification. The Registrar handles Transcripts, Degree Verification for Schools, Jobs, etc. You can reach them at 901-678-2810 or online at https://www.memphis.edu/registrar/
  • For academic related questions and overall certification of your degree, contact your Advisor or Graduation Analyst https://www.memphis.edu/commencement/graduates/graduation-analyst.php