Diploma Corrections

The Commencement Office is willing to correct any errors/damages caused by shipping or our office. See below for the types of errors we are happy to correct. 


If you have the following errors, please email our office at commencement@memphis.edu: 

  • Water damage to the package and diploma (left on porch during rain)
  • Bent diploma
  • Incorrect degree or honors
  • Incorrect spelling of name (does not include new name that is different from your program approved name)

The damaged or incorrect diploma must be returned to our office before a new copy can be released. Once the damaged or incorrect diploma is returned to us, we will order a new copy of your original diploma at no cost to you. If your diploma was damaged in shipment and you are in the Memphis area, we strongly encourage you to pick up your diploma from our office once it is ready. Speak to a Commencement representative for more details. 

Name Changes

All students are required to proof their name in the program prior to Commencement. The name listed in the Commencement program is the name that must stand on your diploma. Any changes to your name after Commencement will require a Reorder Duplicate copy of your diploma for $20.00. 

Unfortunately, the Commencement Office is unable to provide new diplomas that are results of natural disasters, fires, floods, etc. Individuals can order a duplicate copy of a diploma for $20.00 at our Reorder Diploma site. 

What is on the diploma?

  • Student’s name
  • College or School Name
  • University Name
  • Date of Graduation
  • Academic honors (if earned)
  • College honors (if earned)
  • Departmental honors (if earned)