Request Pickup or Send Designee

Diplomas are ONLY available for mailing at this time. Pick up has been stopped indefinitely. Mailing is the only option.

All graduated students are offered the option to pick up. If you live out of town or do not prefer to pick up your diploma, it will be mailed the the address you selected on Step 3. The address you select is the one we mail to. So, it is the graduate's responsibility to ensure we have the correct address at the time of mailing. If you do not let us know, we can only mail it to the address we have.

We strongly encourage picking up your diploma in person if you are in the Memphis area. While picking up your diploma does not necessarily shorten the time frame we receive them, it does, however, prevent damaging and getting lost in the mail. See below for details regarding pick ups and the designee processes. 

Cleared Financial Holders and Duplicate Diploma Reorders

If you have recently cleared your financial hold, completed a a diploma reorder and would like to pick up your diploma, send an email to commencement@memphis.edu with your full name, Unumber (2000-current), daytime phone number, email address, and college/major received. All financial holds must be cleared before any student can pick up her/his diploma.

Pick up

  • A student will be notified by our office once his or her diploma is ready for pick up.
    • A photo ID is required for pick up.


  • If you are unable to pick up your diploma, you can send an email stating your designee has your permission to pick up your diploma on your behalf.
    • The designee must bring a photo ID.
    • No diploma will be released without an email confirmation to your office.