Welcome to the Commencement Office

Thank you for stopping by the Commencement Office. Due to our office being an event office, we are often away or closed for visitors. Please email or call prior to stopping by our office. We highly recommend contacting us via email only with questions or concerns, commencement@memphis.edu.  Upcoming and future commencement dates and other information about commencement events can be found below. For details on our upcoming Commencement season, see below.

For questions about the diploma process, visit https://www.memphis.edu/commencement/diplomas/index.php or email us at commencement@memphis.edu. If you have recently cleared a hold or never received your diploma, email us at the email address above. Diploma processing and orders take 4-6 weeks. Diplomas are not kept in the office. We answer most messages within 24-48 hours, standardly.  All diplomas are mailed from the Processor and not available for pick up at anytime.

Next up: Summer Commencement Day

Saturday, August 3, 2024, with limited guest seating


SEATING LIMITEDEach Registered Graduating Participant will receive 8 Tickets. (Eight Tickets)

  • Guests will need to arrive together as no skipping or holding of seats is permitted.
  • All guests will be seated in first available seating upon arrival to the space.
  • We invite others you want to join to Watch the Ceremony LIVE on our YouTube LIVE Stream.
  • The Live Stream is a great idea for out -of- town guests and others who will not be able to be with you in person. The Live Stream is also posted immediately after the ceremony to watch in the future. 



Participants and Faculty Cap and Gown Distribution

  • Friday, August 2, 2024

  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Show a copy of your Step 4 Email Submission on your cellphone. 

  • University Center Ballroom (Main Campus)-Room 320 (3rd Floor)

    • 499 University St, Memphis, TN 38152


  • August 2024 Participants: Please refer to emails regarding your Parking Information and ALL Other Details. We will send you specific information at a later date that you should read and share with your guests. You can also click the link about about the venue we are using for August 2024 Commencement. 

  • Parking is available in the FedExForum Garage (FedExForum Gossett Motors Garage, 195 Doctor M.L.K. Jr Ave, Memphis, TN 38103) on a first-come/first-served basis for $10.00.

  • Must be paid via credit card ONLY. Guests will need to have a credit card to pay for parking in the FedExForum Garage.

  • No cash accepted.

Security at the FedExForum

  • Walk-through magnetometers were installed at FedExForum under the premise of being used at all Memphis Grizzlies games, as per an NBA mandate conceptualized during league security meetings. The magnetometers have become an industry standard across MLB, NHL and NFL venues and their use will now be mandatory for every FedExForum event in order to improve fan safety and guest experience, a shared goal between FedExForum, the University of Memphis and touring production companies. To ensure your Commencement ceremony is enjoyable for you and your guests, please note the following:

  • X-Ray Units that bags must be scanned through instead of just opened up and visually checked.

  • Secondary metal detector for failed screening or individual must pass through metal detector until they are cleared.

  • Guests are advised to bring ONLY necessary items to the FedExForum during events, concerts and games.

  • Separate express lanes will be available for guests in the Grand Lobby without bags to be inspected.

  • Guests will not need to remove their hats, shoes, belts, watches or jewelry as with airport security. Instead, guests will have to place their cell phones, cameras  and keys on a security table prior to walking through the metal detector.

  • Expectant mothers, those with pacemakers and ADA guests are not subject to the magnetometers and will instead be screened through handheld devices.


FedExForum has implemented a CLEAR BAG POLICY that also limits the size and type of bags that may be brought into any event.

Only bags meeting the following standards will be allowed inside FedExForum:

    • Clear bags made of plastic, vinyl or PVC no larger than 6x8x2 inches
    • Bags MAY NOT have an all-over print or decoration that prohibits FULL view of its contents
    • The bag may contain a strap, but metal or chain straps are prohibited
    • One quart or smaller clear plastic storage/freezer bag (Ziploc or similar)
    • Wallets (sized to carried in the front or back pocket) no larger than 5x3.5 inches
    • Clear bags and wallets compliant with the above will also be screened through X-Ray machines.
    • Exceptions to this policy will be made for all medically necessary items after proper inspection.
  • Food will not be available for this event. Coffee and water are available for purchase at Snax by section 101.

  • Outside food and beverages cannot be brought into FedExForum.

  • Remember that wrapped gifts and helium balloons are never allowed into FedExForum.

Future Commencement Ceremonies

  • Sunday, December 15, 2024
  •  Saturday, May 10, 2025, with Sunday, May 11, 2025 (Backup date)
    • ***All May (Spring) Commencements have a back up date pending the NBA Memphis Grizzlies Basketball Team Playoff Schedule. https://www.memphis.edu/commencement/news/spring-commencement.php
    • Venue, Dates, times, and locations are subject to change. Times and College Breakdowns are determined after official participation has been obtained (1 1/2 months prior to commencement dates). 

Commencement Programs: Current and Past

Gifts to Graduates


  • Invitations are optional and not required. 
  • For more information about invitations, visit: https://www.memphis.edu/commencement/graduates/invitations.php
  • Letter of Invitation for Graduation/Visit for F-1 visa holders who wish to invite friends and family to the United States for graduation or a visit must complete this formhttps://www.memphis.edu/iss/current_international_students/letter_request.php. Click on letter request invitation. The Commencement Office is not permitted to write such letters
  • If you are not an F-1 Visa Holder and wish to invite friends and family outside of the United States for graduation, you should contact one of the following offices to assist (The Commencement Office is not permitted to write such letters): 
    • Registrar (901-678-2810)

    • College where the student is graduating from https://www.memphis.edu/commencement/graduates/graduation-analyst.php

Diploma Reorders (Copy of Diploma)

Loaning Out Caps and Gowns

  • We do not  loan out caps and gowns for photos. Please check with your photographer who should have caps available for props, etc.

  • Our caps and gowns are only available during Cap and Gown Distribution (1-2) days prior to commencement. 


We do not advise stopping by our office without emailing us first. We are an events office and are often away. Thank you!