Invitations and Rings 


Invitations are not required for participation in Commencement. If you wish to purchase invitations, they are available at:

  • University Store (generic invitations only), 901.678.2011
  • Balfour
  • Jostens

You may choose from two styles, personalized or standard. Invitations need to be ordered 3 weeks in advance.

College Rings - Jewelry and Mementos

Class rings and other jewelry items are available from Balfour and Jostens. Balfour products are available at the University Store. Look for notices around campus to find out when company representatives will be on campus. Check their websites for further information.

Inviting Parents to Commencement (International Travel)

If a student is trying to obtain a letter from the University that states she is graduating this semester and plans to attend Commencement and wants to invited parents and families who live internationally, please contact one of the following below. We, as the Commencement Office, cannot write letters per legal, it must come from one of the following offices: 

  • Letter of Invitation for Graduation/Visit for F-1 visa holders who wish to invite friends and family to the United States for graduation or a visit must complete this form.  https://www.memphis.edu/iss/current_international_students/letter_request.php.
    • Click on letter request invitation. The Commencement Office is not permitted to write such letters.
  • If you are not an F-1 Visa Holder and wish to invite friends and family outside of the United States for graduation, you should contact one of the following offices to assist (The Commencement Office is not permitted to write such letters):

For international students who want to delay the commencement participation, please contact International Student Services at TheWorld@memphis.edu to inquire whether you have a valid visa status to stay in the US until the commencement date or need to obtain a new visa status to return to the US for the commencement in the future.

Details on How to Delay Commencement Participation

Delaying Commencement Participation is never a problem. However, there are some things you need to do to ensure this happens. Please follow the following steps:

  1. Complete Step 4 (ONLY if you are a graduating student in the semester that you are inquiry). If you are not a graduating student, meaning you graduated officially in a prior semester, skip to #3.
  2. Simply state no for attending
  3. Then, 2 ½ months prior to any Commencement you want to attend, email us with the following: Unumber, Full Name, Degree you Received and Height and Weight
  4. Please understand: The Commencement Office handles signing up for participation only and only needs to hear from you on the dates below with the information above.


Preferred Months of Notification

  • For May attendance, February 1st
  • For August attendance, June 1st
  • For December attendance, October 1st