Accuracy is important! Proof your name.

Graduation is a SPECIAL moment. Accuracy is important to us and also you and your family and friends.  You are required to proof your name, degree, any honors designations and any prior degree information. Click on the program proof link immediately below. You have ONE opportunity to review your information for accuracy.  The upcoming semester Program Proof will be available at a later date.  

August 2024 Program Proof

Commencement Program

  • The Commencement Program is a public document. Therefore, it will list the names of all approved degree seeking students (some names may be listed who are not approved based on the date of notification). If a sutdent wants the name removed, the student must make a request in writing to commencement@memphis.edu by our Step 4 deadline. The name will automatically lists and will only be removed by written request of the deadline. After the programs are approved, printed and published on our University Libraries or other University of Memphis website, the name cannot be changed, removed or altered in any way. 


Confidentiality Disclaimer 

If you would like to have your name removed for confidentiality or any other reasons, please contact our office by the Step 4 deadline. Your name will be included in the Commencement Program unless you contact us to remove it, whether or not you have prior confidential restrictions on your student account.