Graduate Course Offerings

The Department of Communication offers an array of courses at the graduate level. For a full listing, consult the Graduate Catalog. Most of these will not be offered every semester, so check the Registrar's Office for an up-to-date schedule.

Prospective and current students can find greater detail on planned and current course offerings in the Department using two documents.

Current COMM Graduate Courses describes in detail all graduate courses offered in the current or next term.

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Graduate Communication and Film Courses Offered by the department.

* Indicate Course Designated as Fulfilling Methods Requirement.

**Rotation is subject to change based on faculty availability and department need. 


Spring 2024

7/8321 - Comm Theory (Stewart)

7/8371 - Rhetorical Criticism (Moss)*

7/8806 - Topics in Media Studies (Stephens)

7/8331 - Topics in Communication Theory: Organizational Communication (Carstensen)

FVP Courses

6851 - Film History II (Roy)

6891 - Directing for Film (Goodman)

6894 - Community Action Film (Goodman)

6856 - Gender and Film (Levina)

6222 - Eco-Cinema (Roy)