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Online Master's in Communication

Program Overview

The online MA program in Communication is offered completely asynchronously. Students may elect to complete a special project or take exams to complete the degree. Students receive a solid foundation in Communication theory as well as applied coursework in areas such health, organizations, interpersonal, intercultural, and persuasion and influence. The MA in Communication can help advance students’ careers across multiple fields—graduates of our MA program are public relations and marketing professionals, content developers, and non-profit leaders. The MA in Communication also prepares secondary teachers to teach dual-enrollment speech/communication courses, students interested in teaching speech/communication at the community college-level, and those who wish to pursue doctoral studies in Communication. Students interested in health fields may concurrently enroll in the MA program and the graduate certificate in health communication.

Online COMM Graduate Courses

  • COMM 6015 - Health Literacy (Every Spring)
  • COMM 6016 - Public Health Campaigns (Every Odd Fall)
  • COMM 6322 - Persuasion & Influence (Every Fall)
  • COMM 6341 - Interpersonal Communication (Every Even Fall)
  • COMM 6345 - Intercultural Communication (Every Odd Spring)
  • COMM 7/8012 - Seminar in Health Communication (Fall 2024)
  • COMM 7/8014 - Public Health Communication (Fall 2026)
  • COMM 7/8345 - Health Literacy (Fall 2025)
  • COMM 7/8354 - Topics in Rhetoric of Health, Science, and Medicine (Spring 2026)
  • COMM 7/8369 - Organizational Communication (Every Odd Spring)

Program Requirements

  • Total of 30-33 Credit Hours (30 with special project, 33 with exams)
    • Up to 9 hours may be taken outside of COMM
    • 3 hours of theory and 3 hours of methods
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA

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Admissions Standards and Procedures

Funding Grad School

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