Graduate Certificate in Health Communication

As a sub-discipline of Communication Studies, Health Communication uses a multi-disciplinary approach to identify and understand barriers and challenges to effective communication in healthcare settings. Drawing on communication theory, practice and creativity, Health Communication researchers and practitioners develop and implement communication interventions with the over-arching goal of enhancing the health and well-being of individuals, health systems, and populations. 

This graduate certificate program is designed for professionals in any of the healthcare professions or graduate students in communication studies, rhetoric, healthcare, or related disciplines. These could include, but are not limited to, public health, healthcare administration, psychology, education, sociology, English, or any of the fine or performing arts. The health communication certificate program equips students with the foundational concepts and theories associated with communication in a wide variety of healthcare contexts, including patient/provider interactions, public health, health systems, and health advocacy. This series of courses will provide students with the knowledge and skills to navigate communication in a challenging healthcare environment, as well as prepare them for further graduate work if they desire.  

Program Basics

The certificate program requires 12 hours from the following list of courses:

Required: COMM 7012/8012, Health Communication

Three courses from the following:                         

COMM 7345                                     Health Literacy
COMM 7014/8014                            Public Health Communication
COMM 7450                                     Interpersonal Communication
COMM 7322/8322                            Persuasion and Influence
COMM 7369                                     Organizational Communication
COMM 7xxx/8xxx                             Topics in Rhetoric of Health, Medicine and Science

Requirements for Completion

Students must complete four courses, with a minimum 3.0 GPA, within four years of enrollment.

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