Step Up with an MA in COMM Studies

Students in the Communication Studies concentration receive advanced scholarly training in preparation for positions in industry, government, healthcare, or non-profit sectors, or for entry into a PhD program.

Graduates choose the MA in Communication Studies because they're looking for an advanced degree that sets them apart from the competition, blends theory and practice, and prepares them to advance in a wide range of careers. Some already have a BA in communication; others come to communication studies from English, journalism, and other fields. But they are all committed to developing advanced knowledge and skills in communication and doing meaningful work in non-profits, corporations, or higher education.

Tim Miller"The COMM Studies MA provided the right balance of comm theory and application. The knowledge I gained helped me move from a tactician to a strategist, which led to multiple promotions with FedEx and a spot on the Global Media team. My professors and fellow students were committed to excellence and provided me the challenge I needed to be at my best." - Tim Miller, MA '13, Senior Communications Specialist, FedEx


Cami Fields"Every day, I work to improve the experience of our customers by developing communication programs that increase retention and drive profit. Fostering loyalty in our company and hearing from happy customers makes my work worthwhile." 
-Cami Fields, MA '10, Manager Customer Experience, TruGreen