Academic Logo + Wedge Design

The UofM "wedge" is intended primarily as a container for the University of Memphis academic logo on materials where the primary background is white. While the colors, position and orientation of the wedge may be altered (within guidelines) to suit their application, the pitch/angle (68.5˚) of the wedge and its overall size relative to the academic logo and wordmark should remain consistent with these examples and the working files provided. The side of the UofM wedge that does not end in an angle should bleed off of the page, when possible.

logo and wedge


Wedge and Pinstripe Graphic Examples

The pinstripe graphic may be used in conjunction with the wedge design for headlines, callouts and other treatments to add visual interest where needed.

When resizing these elements, the size, width and scale of the pinstripes relative to the wedge should be maintained. When height-adjusting, the pinstripes should be adjusted to maintain an acceptable width between stripes, with the goal of avoiding stripes that are either too close together or too far apart. The optimal stroke width for the pinstripe element is 0.25 points for printed materials. The point size may be adjusted for oversized print situations.

wedge and pinstripe

Wedge Design: Other Uses

Larger wedge designs may be used to contain headlines, body text or additional graphics (e.g., sponsorship logos or photos) when needed.

Usage examples of the larger wedge design are shown below. The wedge design should be used for emphasis and to create hierarchy. Be mindful of overusing the wedge as a design element in individual pieces.

wedge with content

Copy Abbreviation Usage

For the sake of brevity and colloquialism, "University of Memphis" is often shortened. In this event, there should be no spaces between any of letters; it should appear as UofM. When used in a headline with all uppercase letters, the "of" in UofM should still be lowercase.

UofM earns top honors...