UofM Lambuth Marks

There are specific guidelines for use of the UofM Lambuth signatures. All marks are registered with the U.S. Patent Office. The UofM has exclusive ownership rights of these marks. Whenever these marks are used they must carry the proper "®" and "TM" as shown. For questions, concerns or licensing contact the Department of Marketing and Communications at logo@memphis.edu

Note - the images below are not to be saved or reproduced. They are shown here for informational purposes only.

Preferred Lambuth Logo

For the preferred UofM Lambuth logo, the Pillar mark and UofM Wordmark are used, with Lambuth underneath. But for this case only, the word "Lambuth" is increased in size, to give the word more prominence.


Secondary Lambuth Logo

The secondary UofM Lambuth logo is used for internal facing marketing materials only. This logo uses the UofM Pillar mark with the Lambuth Wordmark in Formata to the right and centered vertically.


Lambuth Departmental Identities

Lambuth Departmental Identities use the secondary Lambuth logo with the departmental name set beneath. The Lambuth Wordmark is centered vertically with the Pillar Mark, regardless of the number of lines the departmental name requires.

lambuth di

Lambuth Pillar Mark

The University Pillar Mark may be used in certain instances as a standalone graphic. When used in this manner for UofM Lambuth, the Lambuth Wordmark should be presented below.