Dos and Don'ts

The main thing to keep in mind when using UofM marks is not to alter the images in any way. This means NO stretching or distorting the image, and definitely NO recreating any marks. All logos are available for download.

For questions or concerns, contact the Department of Marketing and Communications at logo@memphis.edu


  • Use the electronic logo files provided in the download folder.
  • Scale all marks proportionally.
  • Use the primary academic logo or the appropriate departmental ID for your college, department, or division.
  • Use a minimum reproduction width of 1.25 inches for the UofM Academic logo..


Min Reproduction


  • Don't recreate or distort the official university logos.
  • Don't squash or squish the official university logos.
  • Don't create your own logo or add elements to the official university logos.
  • Don't surround the logo with a shape, other than the Wedge (such as a box or an outline).
  • Don't reproduce the logo on textures or backgrounds that may impair legibility.



Never alter the relationship of the words in the logo


The new brand standards have rendered old logos and marks obsolete. Never use the following marks:

old1 old2 old3