Departmental Identities

Branding is about one voice/one face, so to create varying identities is counter to our objectives and confusing for the public. Specific colleges, schools, centers/institutes, departments and offices should not design and/or use individual "logos" in lieu of or in addition to their official departmental identity.

To receive digital copies of your departmental identity, email logo@memphis.edu.

Departmental Identity Specifics

Departmental names can be represented either below or to the right of the Academic Logo. When below the logo, the University Wordmark should always be centered vertically with the Pillar mark, regardless of the number of lines the departmental name requires. When to the right of the logo, the Academic Logo and the departmental name should be separated by a vertical line with the departmental name remaining the same size, regardless of the number of lines required. See examples below.

Note - the images below are not to be saved or reproduced. They are shown here for informational purposes only.

Preferred Departmental Identity Example



Horizontal Departmental Identity Example

edu horizontal