New Tinnitus Rehabilitation Group

by Kacey Brown

The Centers for Disease Control estimate that nearly 15% of the American public experience some form of tinnitus. Tinnitus is the perception of sound when no external noise is present. Dr. Casandra (Sandy) Banks, AuD, CCC-A, and audiology doctoral student Chandra Gilliam have created a Tinnitus Rehabilitation Group at the Memphis Speech & Hearing Center this fall to support patients experiencing this disorder.

Tinnitus GroupTinnitus affects people of all ages. Group participants learn about the hearing system and hearing loss, potential causes of tinnitus, tinnitus assessment, and helpful tinnitus management strategies. Patients have the opportunity to share their tinnitus experience while also learning from the experiences of others. The clinicians teach them how to incorporate management strategies into their daily life including: sound therapy, behavioral therapies, and mindfulness. Dr. Banks commented, "For those in attendance, the first session was a beneficial resource. The session provided information and perspectives on tinnitus that left participants feeling more empowered and in greater control of their tinnitus."

There is room for the tinnitus group to expand and help more people in the Memphis community. Dr. Banks and Ms. Gilliam are also interested in having more interdisciplinary collaboration within this group, allowing for other valuable professional perspectives on tinnitus management to be represented. If you have patients suffering from tinnitus, please share this resource with them.