3nd Annual Neuroscience Symposium

by Erin Bowens

On April 18 and 19th, the School of CSD co-hosted the second Memphis Neuroscience Symposium with the psychology department. The event featured two keynote speakers and a variety of researchers from the University of Memphis. The goal of the conference is to establish the University of Memphis as a national hub of neuroscience research.  There were two Keynote speakers. Dr. Rita Goldstein, a professor of Neuroimaging and Addiction at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York City, presented clinical science data about the role of motivational, emotional, and cognitive influences in drug addiction. Dr. Lyn Dobrunz, chair of Anatomy and Neurobiology from UTHSC, presented her research into neuropeptides' role in modulating synaptic function and anxiety behavior. 

The event also featured a variety of researchers from the University of Memphis. Several faculty members from the University of Memphis also shared their expertise. Dr. Nicholas Simon from the department of Psychology presented on the differences in brain physiology and chemistry that cause individual differences in risk-taking and vulnerability to substance use disorder.  Dr. Raghav Jha, from CSD’s Audiology program presented novel ways to measure balance in individuals with vestibular dysfunction. Dr. Philip Kohlmeier, from the Biology department, presented on the genetic, chemical, and neurobiological mechanisms that enable individuals to adapt their behavior to changes in their environment. Dr. Carl Herickhoff from the Biomedical Engineering department also presented. In addition to presentations, the conference also featured networking opportunities and a poster session for UofM students to showcase their research. 

The University of Memphis plans to continue this symposium and increase their collaborations with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.