CSD/CRISCI Awards and Grants

CSD/CRISCI Faculty Research Grant

The purpose of the CRISCI Faculty Research Grant (CRISCI-FRG) program is to provide seed funding for new research projects or to support junior faculty who do not have external support. The expectation is that this will lead to an application for external funding.



Dr. Raghav Jha, Effects of age on bone conduction tuning of vestibular evoked myogenic potentials

Dr. Kelsey Mankel, Perceptions and practice patterns of electrophysiologic testing among U.S. audiologists


Dr. Lynda Feenaughty, Factors influencing speech perception

Dr. Jani Johnson, Development of a method to assess multidimensional listening outcomes in a virtual environment


Dr. Eugene Buder, Syllable rhythms and conversational exchanges

Dr. Sarah Warren, The Memphis SOUND Project: Community-based approach to understanding cochlear implant utilization


Dr. Deborah Moncrieff, Effects of ARIA on electrophysiological indices in children identified with dichotic deficits

Dr. Jani Johnson, Motivating diverse adults to take action for better hearing health: An exploration of barriers and facilitators from the patient’s perspective


Dr. Naomi Eichorn, Information processing biases in children who stutter and fluent controls


Dr. Miriam van Mersbergen, Error sensitivity to vocal mistakes


Dr. Lynda Feenaughty, Effects of concurrent tasks on spoken language in Multiple Sclerosis

CSD/CRISCI Clinical Faculty Award

The purpose of the CSD Clinical Faculty Award (CFA) is to provide seed funding for new clinical programs, new equipment or programs, professional development, research, or outreach projects.



Dr. Matt Hollis, SHIMP as a tool for evaluation of vestibulo-ocular reflex suppression

Julie Marshall, Does dialect matter? Assessing reading comprehension and spoken narrative skills of African American male college students using both mainstream American English and African American English