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 Recent Faculty Articles and Creative Work

  • Gray Hilmerson, "My Mind Was a Military Sky" Fourth Genre, Fall 2022. 
  • Marcus Wicker, "Funky Thurible, Turned Septic" Copper Nickel, Issue 34, Spring 2022. 
  • Rebecca Adams, "Technology Mediated Writing" Routledge Handbook of Second Language Acquisition and Technology. Eds. N. Zeiglar and M. Golzalez-Lloret, 2022, pp. 187-200. 
  • Kathy Lou Schultz, "Love as Revolutionary Practice in Askia Toure's Songhai!" Paideuma: Modern and Contemporary Poetry and Poetics. Forthcoming 2022. 
  • Shanna Cameron, Alexandra Russell, Luke Brake, Katherine Fredlund, and Angela Morris. "Twitter User's Display of Affect in the Global Warming Debate." Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, Vol. 52, 2, 2022, pp. 213-235.
  • Kathy Lou Schultz, "Other Autobiographies: Consciousness and the Spirit in Amiri Baraka’s Experimental Memoir 6 Persons.” New Scholarship on Amiri Baraka. Ed. JeanPhilippe Marcoux. Ohio State University Press. 2021.
  • Kathy Lou Schultz, "MOTHER____________," "Peaks," "The Odds are Thomas Jefferson," "Prolific Execution," "Still Born," "What Did We Used to Say?" P Queue Literary Journal (University at Buffalo) 2021. 
  • Marcus Wicker, "Self Portrait with Mixed-Up Sports References", "Dear Mothership [America]", The Progressive, December 2021. 
  • Marcus Wicker, "ATLien Ghostrides the Whip to Stankonia Studios", "ATLien Freestyles Over 'Wheelz of Steel'", Memorious, December 2021. 
  • Marcus Wicker, "ATLien Considers Neighborliness as a Conditional Concept", "INTP ENFP INFJ WTF, Mat. Please/Don't @ Me" BOMB, Issue 157, Fall 2021. 
  • Rebecca Adams, "Oral Corrective Feedback" The Cambridge Handbook of Corrective Feedback in Language Learning and Teaching. Eds. H. Nassaji and E. Kartchava, 2021, pp. 187-206. 
  • Rebecca Adams, "Gender Effects" The Canbridge Handbook of Corrective Feedback in Language Learning and Teaching. Eds. H. Nassaji and E. Kartchava, 2021, pp. 668-688. 
  • Lori Cohoon, “Nineteenth Century Children’s Magazines.” A De Grummond Primer: Highlights of the Children’s Literature Collection. Eds. Carolyn J. Brown, Ellen Hunter Ruffin, and Eric J. Tribunella. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2021. 59-64.
  • Katie Fredlund, “A Feminist and Anti-Racist History of Composition and Rhetoric at Oberlin College (1846–1851).” College Composition and Communication, 72, 3, 2021, pp. 413-439.
  • Ron Fuentes, "Navigating a Policy Vacuum in the New Latino Diaspora: Teaching Spanish as a Heritage Language in Tennessee High Schools". Foreign Language Annals, 54(1), 91-113. 2021. 
  • Verner Mitchell, “William Waring Cuney, Military Poetry, and World War II.” Studies in American Culture, 44.1. 2021.
  • Eric Schlich, “My Beautiful Bearded Wife,” won the 2021 American Short(er) Fiction Prize, judged by Susan Steinberg and will be published in the upcoming issue of American Short Fiction
  • Jeff Scraba, “Spain and Washington Irving’s Global America,” Separate Worlds?: Spain, the United States, and Transatlantic Literary Culture collection. 2021.
  • Liz Lane, "Interstitial Design Processes: How Design Thinking and Social Design Processes Bridge Theory and Practice in TPC Pedagogy”. Effective Teaching of Technical Communication: Theory, Practice, and Application. Ed. by Michael J. Klein. University Press of Colorado. 2021. 
  • Scott Sundvall, “The Future of Rhetoric and Writing: Pitch by Pitch”. 2021.
  • Marcus Wicker, “Yeet the Rich,” Poetry Society of America, July 2021. 
  • Emily Skaja, “Four Hawks,” was anthologized (reprinted) in Shining Rock Poetry Anthology. 2021.
  • Emily Skaja, “If Anyone Should Fight to Breathe”  Oxford American. 2021. 
  • Kathy Lou Schultz, "Core Curriculum" and "She says molasses." Marsh Hawk Review. Fall 2020. 
  • Marcus Wicker, "Toilet Paper Invective with Self-Flagellation", "Dear Mothership [it paralyzes their country]" POETRY, December 2020. 
  • Marcus Wicker, "Blursday Blues" The Atlantic, October 2020. 
  • Marcus Wicker, "Reparations Metric: Reverse Stump Speech for Courting the Black Vote" Waxwing, Issue 22, October 2020. 
  • Marcus Wicker, "Poem for an Election Year" Oxford American, Issue 109/110, Summer/Fall 2020
  • Marcus Wicker, "In the Winter of My Inaugural Anxiety" The Adroit Journal, Issue 33, May 2020. 
  • Liz Lane, "Feminist Citational Mapping as Recovery and Consideration: A Methodology for Analyzing Citational Practices.” Peitho, Vol. 22, Issue 3. Spring 2020.
  • Liz Lane, "Feminist Rhetorical Tactics and Hashtag Movements: #SayHerName as a Circulatory Activist Discourse." Feminist Connections: Rhetoric and Activism Across Time, Space, and Place. Eds. Katie Fredlund, Kerri Hauman, and Jessica Oullette. 20 pp. 2020.
  • Sage Graham, "Impoliteness and the moral order in online gaming. In Xie, C, ed. (Im)politeness and Moral Order in Online Interactions. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, pp. 99-123. 2020.
  • Scott Sundvall, "Everything is (not so) Terrible! Heuristic Glitchicism as a Method for Electrate (Re)composing." Computers and Composition 56. 2020. 
  • Sage Graham, "Interaction and conflict in digital communication. In Evans, M., Jeffries, L., and O'Driscoll, J. (eds.) Handbook of Language in Conflict. New York: Routledge. pp. 310-328. 2019.
  • Rebecca Adams, Teaching through Peer Interaction. New York: Routledge. 2019. 
  • Darryl Domingo, "The Satiric Page,” Options for Teaching Modern British and American Satire, eds. Evan Davis and Nicholas D. Nace (New York: Modern Language Association of America, 2019), 89-99. 2019.
  • Marcus Wicker, "Reparations Metric Ending in Assisted Schadenfreude", "Reparations Redefinition: Bond [The thing about facing your fears]" POETRY, November 2019. 
  • Liz Lane & Loel Kim, "Dynamic Design for Technical Communication”. Experience Report. Proceedings of the 37th Association of Computing Machinery International Conference on the Design of Communication (SIGDOC). 2019. 
  • Liz Lane, "Feminist Leanings: Tracing Technofeminist and Instersectional Practices and Values in Three Decades of Computers and Composition." Computers and Composition, special issue, "Technofeminism: (Re)Generations and Intersectional Futures. 2019. 
  • Terrence Tucker, "'Where I Come From It's Like This' The African American Lens and the Critical Role of the Local South in Teaching Social Justice." Special Issue on Southern Studies, Pedagogy, and Activism, South: A Scholarly Journal 50.2. 2019. 
  • Will Duffy, "Locate First, Invent Second." Explanation Points: Publishing in Rhetoric and Composition,177-79. 2019. 
  • Kathy Lou Schultz, "Separation and Self-Assembly." (from Mother(g)ood), Bombay Gin. (Naropa University), No. 45. Summer 2019. 
  • Kathy Lou Schultz, "Before Citizen: Subjectivity and the Language of Experience in Claudia Rankine's Nothing in Nature is Private." Journal of Foreign Languages and Cultures. 2.1. June 2019. 

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