Recent Faculty Book Publications

Johnston cover     Tim Johnston
Descent: A Novel
Algonquin Books
January 2015
  Tabachnick cover   Stephen Tabachnick
and Esther Bendit Saltzman (editors)
Drawn from the Classics:
Essays on Graphic Adaptations of Literary Works

McFarland Press
May 2015
Compton book cover     Michael Compton
Gumshoe: A Novel
Journey Press
July 2015
  Domingo's book cover   Darryl P. Domingo
The Rhetoric of Diversion in English
Literature and Culture, 1690-1760

Cambridge University Press
March 2016
Harris book cover     Donal Harris
On Company Time: 
American Modernism in the Big Magazines
Columbia University Press
October 2016
  Cervone book cover  

Cristina Maria Cervone
and D. Vance Smith (editors)
Readings in Medieval Textuality:
Essays in Honour of A. C. Spearing
D.S. Brewer
October 2016

Silencer by Marcus Wicker cover    

Marcus Wicker
Silencer (Poetry)
Mariner Books
Forthcoming September 2017



 Recent Faculty Articles and Creative Work

  • Rebecca Adams, (and N. Nik Mohd Alwi and J. Newton) "Task Complexity in Second Language Computer-Mediated Communication." Journal of Second Language Writing. 2016.
  • Rebecca Adams, (and M. Bowles). "An Interactionist Approach to Learner-Learner Interaction in Second and Foreign Language Classrooms. In N. Markee (Ed.). Handbook on Classroom Discourse and Interaction. Wiley Press. 2015.
  • John Bensko, "A Shut-and-Open Case." Memphis Noir. Akashic Books. 237-250. 2015.
  • Cristina Maria Cervone, "(Im)materiality and Chaucer's Temple of Mars," English Language Notes 53.2: 97–112. Fall-Winter 2015.
  • Cristina Maria Cervone, "Julian of Norwich and John Capgrave: 'foule black dede hame' / 'hame of blyndnes'," Journal of English and Germanic Philology 114: 88–96. 2015.
  • Cristina Maria Cervone, " 'I' and 'We' in Chaucer's Complaint unto Pity," Readings in Medieval Textuality. October 2016.
  • Cristina Maria Cervone (with D. Vance Smith), "A. C. Spearing's Work and Influence," Readings in Medieval Textuality. D.S. Brewer. October 2016
  • Cristina Maria Cervone, "Announcing a Literary Find Apparently Related to the Gawain-poet," Readings in Medieval Textuality. Forthcoming.
  • Lorinda Cohoon, "'dishes and dusters': Valuing Beth's Labor in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women; or, Staying in for Service." Critical Insights: Little Women. Salem Press: 2015. 159-173.
  • Michael Compton, "Study Guide." JD Salinger: Three Early Stories. Scholastic Edition: October 2015.
  • Darryl P. Domingo, "Richardson's Unfamiliar Quotations: Clarissa and Early Eighteenth-Century Comedy," The Review of English Studies 66.277: 936-53. 2015.
  • Will Duffy (with John Pell), "Freire in the Agora: Critical Pedagogy and Civil Discourse." Literacy in Composition Studies 3.1: 95-107. 2015.
  • Will Duffy, "Transforming Decorum: The Sophistic Appeal of Walter Rauschenbusch and the Social Gospel." Mapping Christian Rhetorics: Connecting Conversations, Charting New Territories. Routledge. 222-39. 2015.
  • Ana G. Gal, "The Masks of Dracula: In Search of the Authentic Performative Vampire in Three Graphic Novel Adaptations of Bram Stoker's Dracula." Drawn from the Classics: Essays on Graphic Adaptations of Literary Works. McFarland Press: May 2015. 161-176.
  • Donal Harris , " Understanding Eliot: Mass Media and Literary Modernism in the American Century ." MLQ 76.4. 2015.
  • Donal Harris, "The Art of Administration: on Greg Barnhisels' Cold War Modernists." The Los Angeles Review of Books. February 2016. 
  • Cary Holladay, "Stinkeye." Memphis Noir. Akashic Books. 221-236. 2015.
  • Cary Holladay, "You Are Free, Go and Fight." The Hudson Review. LXVIII:3: 393-403. Fall 2015.
  • Cary Holladay, "The Army Disease." Audible Audiobook Recording. 2016.
  • Cary Holladay, "The Best Party Ever." Audible Audiobook Recording. 2016.
  • Cary Holladay, "Forty Seconds." Audible Audiobook Recording. 2016.
  • Cary Holladay, "Operator." Audible Audiobook Recording. 2016.
  • Catherine Martin, "Reception Theory, Religion, and Reading a Milton Sonnet: Historicizing 'Undecideability.'" The Review of English Studies 67.278: October 2015. 79-102.
  • Catherine Martin, "The 'Reason' of Radical Evil: Shakespeare, Milton, and the Ethical Philosophers." Studies in Philology 113.1: Winter 2016. 163-197.
  • Carey Mickalites, "Martin Amis's Money: Negotiations with Literary Celebrity." Postmodern Culture 24.1 (January 2015).
  • Gene Plunka, "Resistance to War: Carl Zuckmayer's Des Teufels General." Theatre History Studies. January 2015.
  • Gene Plunka, "Staging Childhood Holocaust Survivor Trauma: Diane Samuels's Kindertransport." Journal of Contemporary Drama in English 3.2: 252-272. 2015.
  • Kathy Lou Schultz, Invited Speaker. "An abductee, in theory (PoemTalk #92)" (podcast) on Bob Perelman's "Confession."Kelly Writers House, University of Pennsylvania. April 2015.
  • Kathy Lou Schultz, "Bob." (poem) Memory is a Kind of Accomplishment: An Anthology for Bob Perelman. Kelly Writers House. University of Pennsylvania. 2015.
  • Stephen Tabachnick, "An Unusual Adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby." Drawn from the Classics: Essays on Graphic Adaptations of Literary Works. McFarland Press: May 2015. 221-234.
  • Stephen Tabachnick (Editor), "Special Issue on the Graphic Novel," Studies in the Novel 47:3, Fall 2015.

Department of English Awards

  • Cristina Maria Cervone. Stanford Humanities Center External Faculty Fellowship.
  • Carey Mickalites. Marcus W. Orr Center for the Humanities Faculty and Dissertation Fellowship.
  • Stephen Tabachnick. University's Alumni Award for Research in the Humanities.