Department of English Awards' Day Winners 2018

Kevyanna Rawls Kendra Vanderlip Rashad Ahmed
Kevyanna Rawls, winner of the Elizabeth Phillips Memorial Scholarship (pictured with Dr. Shelby Crosby) Kendra Vanderlip, winner of the Outstanding Graduate Student Award (pictured with Dr. Jeff Scraba) Rashad Ahmed, winner of the Department Service Award (pictured with Dr. Jeff Scraba)
Jacob Murel John Thompson Skye Roberson
Jacob Murel, winner of the Literature Concentration Award (pictured with Dr. Carey Mickalites) John Thompson, winner of the Charles M. Brooks Scholarship (pictured with Dr. Joshua Phillips) Skye Roberson, winner of the Composition Concentration Award (pictured with Dr. Joseph Jones)
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Undergraduate Awards

Giem and Collins Awards

1010 1020 2201 2202
1st Place: Imani Kimbrough 1st Place: Chelsea Lucas 1st Place: Kaylen Fields 1st Place: Robin Jones
2nd Place: Turki AlMutiri 2nd Place: Ethan Scott 2nd Place: Taylor Tester 2nd Place: Tiericka Burnett
3rd Place: Bethlehem T. Sillassie 3rd Place: Alexandra Berwager 3rd Place: John Thompson 3rd Place: Carolyn Castillo-Mason

Awards and Scholarships

English 1020 New Media Writing Award: Melissa King
Children's Literature Awards: Morgan Dickerson and Christina Goldsby
Mid-South STC/Professional Writing Scholarship: Rachel Guffin
Elizabeth Phillips Scholarship: Kevyanna Rawls
Emalie Appleton Brooks Memorial Scholarship: Madison George
Charles M. Brooks Scholarship in English: John Thompson
Department of English Distinguished Scholarship Award: Aston Patrick
Honors Thesis Prize: Carter Wenger

Acknowledgement for English Honors with Thesis

Matthew Bailey Coming Out on Youtube (Dr. Saga Graham)
Sydni Hawkins Poe's Perversity: Ratiocination and the Rationality of Unreason (Dr. Jeffrey Scraba)
Sara James Propaganda: A Means of Liberation (Dr. Terrence Tucker)
Aston Patrick Ur so Hawt: The Presentation of Gender in Online Streaming (Dr. Sage Graham)
Hannah Quinn Feminism and the New Testament: Jesus' Dialogues with Women and Paul's Commands to Women (Dr. Catherine Martin)
Carter Wenger Renegotiating Beckett's Fourth Wall: "The Quietest Space" as the Crucible for Tragedy in the Later Works (Dr. Carey Mickalites)
Taylor Young Grit (Alice Bolin and Marcus Wicker)

Graduate Awards

Concentrational Awards

African-American Literature: Justin Williams
Applied Linguistics: Othman Alshboul
: Skye Roberson
Creative Writing Fiction: Jamie Logan
Creative Writing Non-Fiction: Sarah Cozort
Creative Writing Poetry: Hunter Keough
Creative Writing Service Award: Mary Cartwright and Christine Guargno
ESL: Daniel Harper
Literature: Jacob Murel
Professional Writing: Shanna Cameron

Awards, Fellowships, and Scholarships

Department Service Award: Rashad Ahmed
Dr. Lawrence and Sarah Wynn Fellowship: Terrie Box
William and Martha Donigan Graduate Scholarship: Kalpana Negi
Ruth and Henry Loeb Scharff Scholarship: Adela Brito, Abdul Hakim, Haley Quinton, Stephen Turner, and Justin Williams
Rebecca Argall Award for Graduate Student Teaching Excellence in the First Year: Stephen Turner and Brennah Hutchison
Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Gattas Scholarship: D'Andrea Heggs and Natalia Fernandez
Dr. Reginald Martin Teaching Award: Errol Rivers
Graduate Research Award: Olivia Clark and Marisa Manuel
Outstanding Graduate Student Award
: Kendra Vanderlip