Department of English Awards' Day Winners 2019

Carlos and Rayven Ladrica and Sarah Aleathea and Dalle
Rayven Covington, winner of the Giem and Collins English 2202 3rd Place Award (pictured with Prof. Carlos Bolton) Sarah Lim, winner of the Elizabeth Phillips Memorial Scholarship (pictured with Dr. Ladrica Menson-Furr) Aleathea Conner, winner of the ESL Concentration Award (pictured with Dr. Teresa Dalle)
Gul and Katie Luke and Katie Alice and Christine
Gul Hos, winner of the William and Martha Donigan Scholarship (pictured with Dr. Katie Fredlund) Luke Brake, winner of the Dr. Reginald Martin Teaching Award (pictured with Dr. Katie Fredlund) Christine Guaragno, winner of the Graduate Research Award (pictured with Prof. Alice Bolin)
Tucker and Barnes Nesar and Fogle Marisa and Cary
Sylvia Barnes, winner of the African American Literature Concentration Award and the Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Gattas Scholarship (pictured with Dr. Terrence Tucker) Nesar Uddin, winner of the Applied Linguistics Concentration Award (pictured with Dr. Evelyn Wright) Marisa Manuel, winner of the Outstanding Graduate Student Award (pictured with Prof. Cary Holladay)
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Undergraduate Awards

Giem and Collins Awards

1010 1020 2201 2202
1st Place: Agnes Karm 1st Place: Nadia Foster 1st Place 1st Place: Jon Brantley Smith
2nd Place: Corey Richards 2nd Place: Bethelhem T. Sillassie 2nd Place 2nd Place: Donnie Gladney
3rd Place: Megan Taylor 3rd Place 3rd Place 3rd Place: Rayven Covington 

Joseph and June Riley Essay Contest

1st Place: Tobias Hendricks
2nd Place: Sydney Bloodworth
3rd Place: Emily Ray


Awards and Scholarships

English 1020 New Media Writing Award: Alexis Hicks 
Children's Literature Award: Dana Christian Kebschull
Elizabeth Phillips Scholarship: Sarah Lim and Ashley T. Mayfield 
Emalie Appleton Brooks Memorial Scholarship: Anna Kirby 
Charles M. Brooks Scholarship in English: Noor Alshoumali 
Department of English Distinguished Scholarship Award: Kevyanna Rawls
Honors Thesis Prize: Julian Rome 

Acknowledgement for English Honors with Thesis

Kayla Copeland The Importance of Social Media and Our Response to Police Brutality (Dr. Donal Harris)
Rachel Guffin Representation of Non-English Language in Professional Editing (Dr. Will Duffy)
Kevyanna Rawls Black Women, Social Activism, and Sexual Assault: An Exploration of Civil Rights Activism and the Black Woman's Body (Dr. Shelby Crosby)
Julian Rome Plato, Emerson, and Thoreau- Inspiration, Interpretation, and the Idea of the Poet (Dr. Donal Harris- English, Dr. Tim Roche- Philosophy)
Reid Russom  One More River to Cross: Locating the Voices of the Memphis Sanitation Workers During the 1968 Strike (Dr. Donal Harris)
Johnda Washington Communication Across Cultural Boundaries Within Memphis ESL Classrooms (Dr. Rebecca Adams)

Graduate Awards

Concentration Awards

African-American Literature: Sylvia Barnes
Applied Linguistics: Md Nesar Uddin 
: Angela Morris
Creative Writing Fiction: Kalpana Negi
Creative Writing Non-Fiction: Rosalind Guy
Creative Writing Poetry: Sarah Cozort
Creative Writing Service Award: Adela Brito
ESL: Aleathea Conner
Literature: Brennah Hutchison 

Awards, Fellowships, and Scholarships

Department Service Award: Dena Arendall and Meredith Boulden 
Dr. Lawrence and Sarah Wynn Fellowship: Justin Williams
Dr. Lawrence and Sarah Wynn Scholarship: Brennah Hutchison
William and Martha Donigan Graduate Scholarship: Gul Hos 
Ruth and Henry Loeb Scharff Scholarship: Othman Alshboul, Mary Cartwright, Jamie Logan, and Emil Ubaldo 
Rebecca Argall Award for Graduate Student Teaching Excellence: Angela Morris 
Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Gattas Scholarship: Daryl Anderson and Sylvia Barnes 
Dr. Reginald Martin Teaching Award: Luke Brake 
Graduate Research Award: Christine Guaragno and Crystal Harris 
Outstanding Graduate Student Award
: Marisa Manuel