Department of English Awards Day Winners 2022

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Undergraduate Awards

Giem and Collins Awards

1010 1020 2201 2202
1st Place: Myahkia X. Watson 1st Place: Leyla Pehlivan 1st Place: Leyla Pehlivan 1st Place
2nd Place: Hannah Chaney 2nd Place (Tied): Jackson Lyles & Cailin Rickman 2nd Place: Mackenzie Chandler 2nd Place
3rd Place: Shaun Gustafson 3rd Place 3rd Place 3rd Place

Joseph and June Riley Essay Contest

1st Place: Collin Wyatt
2nd Place: Ashley M. Freelove
3rd Place: Billy Christopher Maupin


Awards and Scholarships

Children's Literature Award: Mary Fite
Elizabeth C. Phillips Memorial Scholarship: Rachelle Russell
Emalie Appleton Brooks Memorial Scholarship: Rebekah Taylor
Department of English Distinguished Scholarship Award: Monty Miller
Honors Thesis Prize: Olivia Roman
Society for Technical Communication Scholarship: Edel Pace

Graduate Awards

Concentration Awards

African-American Literature: Madison Hunter
Literature: Gul Hos
Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication: Briona Nichols
Creative Writing Fiction: M.A. Patrick
Creative Writing Non-Fiction: Moriah McStay
Creative Writing Poetry: Haley Winans
Creative Writing Service Award: Kalib LaChapelle & Allison Parker
TESOL: Shima Farhesh
Applied Linguistics: Wood Rodgers

Awards, Fellowships, and Scholarships

Ruth and Henry Loeb Scharff Scholarship: Nadia Farmer, Nabaz Kareem, & Heri Yusup
William and Martha Donigan Department of English Graduate Scholarship: Alyssa Radtke
Eugenia & Fred P. Gattas Scholarship Fund: Ahmet Curuk & Alexandra Russell
Dr. Lawrence and Sarah Wynn English Fellowship: Gul Hos
Dr. Lawrence and Sarah Wynn English Scholarship: Gul Hos
Outstanding Graduate Student Award: Angela Morris
Department Service Award: Rachael Summers-Thompson
Rebecca Argall Award for Graduate Student Teaching Excellence: Myers Enlow
Dr. Reginald Martin Award for First Year TA: Alaa Alamri
English Student Fellowship: Tyler Gillespie & Amir Rouhollahi
Joe Orgill Fellowship in English: Shanna Cameron & Keylaudreaya Moore