Department of English Awards' Day Winners 2020

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Undergraduate Awards

Giem and Collins Awards

1010 1020 2201 2202
1st Place: Kimberly Haymes 1st Place 1st Place 1st Place
2nd Place: Erica Dean 2nd Place 2nd Place 2nd Place
3rd Place: Samuel Alexander 3rd Place 3rd Place 3rd Place

Joseph and June Riley Essay Contest

1st Place: Adam Austill and Jonathan Hicks
2nd Place:
3rd Place: Rachel E. Layton


Awards and Scholarships

English 1020 New Media Writing Award:
Children's Literature Award: Chelsea Lucas 
Elizabeth C. Phillips Memorial Scholarship: Tynia O'Neal and Taylor Price 
Emalie Appleton Brooks Memorial Scholarship: Christina Goldsby
Charles M. Brooks Scholarship in English:
Department of English Distinguished Scholarship Award: Emily McFarland 
Honors Thesis Prize: Hannah D. Green, "The Myth of the Monolingual English Teacher: How Knowing a Second Language Influences English Language Teaching" (Directed by Prof. Tammy Jones)

Graduate Awards

Concentration Awards

African-American Literature: Gul Hos
Literature: Megan Tutt
Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication: Shanna Cameron
Creative Writing Fiction: Angela Hamilton (Judged by Kate McQuade)
Creative Writing Non-Fiction: Breanne Hager (Judged by Chelsea Martin)
Creative Writing Poetry: Joshua Tilton (Judged by Caki Wilkinson)
Creative Writing Service Award: Moriah McStay and Angela Hamilton 
Teresa Dalle ESL Award: Lorraine Meiners-Lovel 
Applied Linguistics: Amy Burden
Literature: Megan Tutt 

Awards, Fellowships, and Scholarships

Ruth and Henry Loeb Scharff Scholarship: Mahmuda Sharmin and Md Nesar Uddin 
William and Martha Donigan Department of English Graduate Scholarship: Stephen Turner
Eugenia & Fred P. Gattas Scholarship Fund: Gul Hos and Kamri Jordan
Dr. Lawrence and Sarah Wynn English Fellowship: Angela Morris
Outstanding Graduate Student Award: Jamie Logan
Department Service Award: Ruqayyah Nasser Moafa
Rebecca Argall Award for Graduate Student Teaching Excellence: Jordan Evans and Mahmuda Sharmin 
Dr. Reginald Martin Teaching Award: Shanna Cameron 
Graduate Research Award: