Notes on the new MSBA Goals and Rubric

Posted by SJS, 2/1/2019

In the Fall of 2018, a committee was convened within the Fogelman Finance Department to rework the learning goals for the MSBA in Finance degree. The original set of learning goals for the MSBA degree were developed at a time when this degree was combined with the newly-formed MSIS degree which focused on Information Technology Skills. In the Spring of 2018, the MSIS program developed a new set of standalone degree goals that better reflected its program. This created an opportunity for the MSBA in Finance to also pursue a new set of degree goals that better aligned with the expectations of students in the field of finance.

An FIR departmental committee was formed in the Fall of 2018 and assisted by Sandy Schaeffer (AACSB/AoL Coordinator in the Dean's Office) to develop these new goals.  These newly-formed goals went into effect in late Fall 2018 and were used for data collection and analysis in that same semester.