MSBA Degree: Assessment Summary

The Master of Science in Business Administration program with a concentration in Finance is a 33-hour program that is designed to be completed in about 2 years. The program offers the most in depth exploration of Finance and related topics of any of the Master's programs offered at the University of Memphis. Prominent features of the program are the wide range of Finance electives, evening classes that are convenient to students working in the Memphis area, and small class sizes.

The MSBA program in Finance consists of 6 hours from the Business Administration core, 12 hours from the FIR (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate) core, and 15 hours of elective courses. Under normal circumstances, a student would take 21-27 of the 33 hours from the FIR (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate) area.

Refer to the M.S.B.A, Concentration in Finance webpage on the Fogelman website for additional information.

Notes on Assessment (MSBA):

  • For the purposes of assessment methodology, the MSBA (concentration in Finance) is considered a low-volume program with a need to collect data more frequently to assure a thorough sampling of student achievement.
  • Assessment data is collected on a continual basis with a minimum of each Fall and Spring semester in a given academic year. 
  • Data collection includes both standard course-based assessment and oral comprehensive examinations. (Introduced in AY 2016/17.)



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