MSBA Assessment Results (2019)

The most recent MSBA Degree AoL cycle was completed in the Spring of 2019 using the Updated MSBA Degree Goals and associated MSBA Assessment Rubric.  

Summary of Findings:

Overall, the assessed MSBA students showed good or exemplary competence across the majority of the degree's learning outcomes. However, there were two (2) areas where students fell short of the established benchmark of no more than 10% fair:

  • Under LO1 (Financial Knowledge) both objectives fell short:

    • Demonstrate an understanding and application of the time value of money and concepts of advanced capital budgeting. [19% scored Fair]
    • Demonstrate an understanding and application of investments and portfolio management. [40% scored Fair]

  • Under LO4 (Professional Skills), three of four objectives fell short:

    • Produce financial reports that effectively communicate their recommendations based on quantitative justifications. [11% scored Fair]
    • Recognize and address ethical challenges in the area of financial decision-making for organizations. [33% scored Fair]
    • Independently use software tools commonly used in financial decision-making and reporting by large organizations. [25% scored Fair]

Recommendations for Improvement:

  • LO1 (both objectives) - Integrate selected quickmba (open website) self-study finance components into the program curriculum to help students better demonstrate their understanding of investments and portfolio management.
  • LO4 (ethics skills) – Engage MSBA faculty in determining the best means of improving students' ethical decision-making skills with recommendations implemented in AY 2019-20.
  • LO4 (financial reporting & software tools) - Integrate more Excel self-study resources into selected courses, add Python programming to FIR-7840, and expand participation and tracking of MSBA students in the FISC/BMC program.


Download/View the full MSBA CTL Report for 2018-19 (PDF)

(page updated: 10/24/2019)