Minutes & Presentations

2023-24 Cycle

April 16, 2024: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
SOAR Project, Oracle Chart of Accounts, General Accounting and Shared Services Year-End Close, What to Send Where, Announcements and Deadlines

March 19, 2024: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Meet the Chief of Police, MyMemphis Portal Transition, Fixed Assets/Inventory Confirmation Overview, How to Calculate Overtime, Announcements and Deadlines

February 20, 2024: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording (partial)
Government and Community Affairs, Adjustment Time Sheets, Post Award Foundation Accounts, Vendor Payment Transmittal Form, Reporting Emergency Leave…Or Not, Announcements and Deadlines

November 21, 2023: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Reporting, Records Destruction 101, Know the Difference: An HR Quiz, Announcements and Deadlines

October 17, 2023: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Chrome River & Travel Training, IT Security Awareness, Software Updates & System Rebooting, Transfer Voucher Training, Announcements and Deadlines

September 19, 2023: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
2024 Benefits Open Enrollment, Updating Unpaid Compensation Beneficiaries, Banner 9 Finance SSB, Announcements and Deadlines

2022-23 Cycle

June 20, 2023: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Handling Accidents in University Vehicles, Mold Awareness, Salary Redistributions, ITS Security Updates, Announcements and Deadlines

May 16, 2023: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Workers’ Compensation Quiz & General Information, Changes to Graduate Assistant E-Contracts, Faculty Administrative Service Duties, Mental Health Awareness Month, Announcements and Deadlines

April 18, 2023: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Accounting Year-End Check Lists and Reminders: General Accounting/Shared Services/Accounts Payable/Payroll, Proxies/Superusers in Banner 9 Web Time Entry, Announcements and Deadlines

March 21, 2023: PowerPoint | [No Recording This Month]
Ring Central, "How Well Do You Know Your HR Processes?" Interactive Game, Announcements & Deadlines

February 21, 2023: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Spring Budget, Annual Inventory Confirmations, Part-Time Faculty Process Reminders, Announcements & Deadlines, Spin the Wheel!

January 17, 2023: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Banner 9 Web Time Entry & Employee Portal, Audit Notes, Records Retention & Management, Labor Redistribution, Announcements & Deadlines

November 15, 2022: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Effort Certification Changes, ITS Security Notes, Travel Card, New Ways to Get Your HR Information, Announcements & Deadlines

October 18, 2022: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
IT Security Updates, Chrome River Helpful Tips, What to Send to Which Accounting In Box, Holiday Pay, Announcements & Deadlines

September 20, 2022: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Benefits Open Enrollment Period, International Employee Hiring, Complaint Triage Team, Policy Update, Announcements & Deadlines

2021-22 Cycle

June 21, 2022: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Upcoming Changes to Student Worker, Temp, & GA E-Contracts and Faculty Titles, University Records Management, Red Flags Policy, Dual Services, FY22 Year-End Close, Announcements & Deadlines

May 17, 2022: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
FY22 Year-End Close, Internal Audit Awareness Month, Announcements & Deadlines

April 19, 2022: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
FMLA Leave on Time Sheets/Leave Reports, FY22 Year-End Close, Softdocs Adjustment Time Sheet Demo, Adobe Fill & Sign (LinkedIn Learning), Announcements & Deadlines

March 15, 2022: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
First Report of Injury & Worker’s Comp, Audit Notes, IT Security Updates, Annual Inventory Confirmation, Announcements & Deadlines

February 15, 2022: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Campus Cleanout, Spring Budget, Announcements & Deadlines, This is JeoParody! (Version 3.0)

January 18, 2022: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Audit Notes, Physical Plant WORQ System Demo, New Online Employee Direct Deposit/Reibursement Form, Announcements & Deadlines

November 16, 2021: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
COVID-19 Latest Information, State Insurance Dependent Eligibility Update, Announcements & Deadlines

October 19, 2021: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
IT Security Updates, Procurement Card Refreshers, COVID-19 Latest Information, Announcements & Deadlines

September 21, 2021: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
UofM Athlete Name, Image & Likeness (NIL), Benefits Open Enrollment, COVID-19 Latest Information, Changes to Student Employment, Status of University Travel, Tigerbuy New User Interface, Announcements & Deadlines

2020-21 Cycle

June 15, 2021: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Campus Safety Update, Electronic Offer Letters for Faculty in WorkforUM, Year End Updates, Announcements & Deadlines

May 18, 2021: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Graduate Scholarship New Process, Return to Campus Update, Internal Audit Awareness Month, Implications of Working Without a Social Security Number, Tigerbuy User Interface Update, Announcements & Deadlines

April 20, 2021: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Understanding 9-Month Faculty Salary Deferrals, Year End Close, IT Security Update, Federal Work-Study Employment, Announcements & Deadlines

March 16, 2021: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Temporary Employee E-Contract Preview, Performance Appraisals…During a Pandemic, Planning for Fall 2021, Announcements & Deadlines

February 16, 2021: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Financial Controls and Accountability, Business Continuity Planning, Annual Inventory Confirmations, Spring Budget, Announcements & Deadlines

January 19, 2021: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Hiring Process Reminders, Audit Notes & Contract Monitoring, What’s Your HR IQ?, Announcements & Deadlines
NOTE: This presentation references the maximum annual leave balance carryforward as 315 hours. While technically correct as a maximum, there are certain employee types whose maximum carryforward would be less than 315 hours. More details can be found online.

December 15, 2020: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Data Security Policy and Guidelines, Transfer Vouchers, COVID-19 Updates, Leave Reporting and Approval, DocuSign Tips, Announcements & Deadlines

November 17, 2020: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Foundation Fund Management, Audit Notes, Policy Corner: Recruitment of Staff Positions, COVID-19 Updates, Announcements & Deadlines

October 20, 2020: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Student Scholarships and Stipends, Policy Review Updates, Accounting Departmental Emails, Web Time Holiday Hours, Tiger Copy and Graphics, COVID-19 Updates, Announcements & Deadlines

September 15, 2020: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Working with ESAC, ITS Announcements, Focus on Finance & HR Survey Results, Online Web Application for Revenue Accounts & More Financial Planning News, 2020 Benefits Open Enrollment Period, COVID-19 Updates, Announcements & Deadlines

2019-20 Cycle

July 21, 2020: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Stipends vs. Grants and Scholarships, ADA Accommodations vs Telecommuting/Flextime Requests, Current Return to Campus Plans, Announcements & Deadlines

June 16, 2020: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Electronic Offer Letters for Faculty in WorkforUM, University Volunteers, Conflict of Interest, Year End Reminders, Adjustment Time Sheets, International Request & Payment to Contractor, Announcements & Deadlines

May 12, 2020: PowerPoint | Virtual Recording
Preparing for Year End Bucket List, University Records Management, Chrome River Demo, Preparing for Return to Campus: Key Issues, Announcements & Deadlines

April 14, 2020:
IT Security Update, Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), Hiring Moratorium & Status of Pool Positions, Mid-South Heart Walk, Other Topics, Open Question Period, Announcements & Deadlines

March 10, 2020:
Introduction of New OIE Director, Coronavirus Updates, Foundation Dos & Don’ts, Importance of SOC Codes, Updates to Separation & Clearance System, E-Contract Updates (Students & Faculty Summer Comp), Part-Time Faculty Appointment Reminders, Upcoming Enhancements to WorkforUM & Org Charts, Announcements & Deadlines

February 11, 2020:
Accounting Reminders, Financial Responsibility and Certification, Spring 2020 Budget, Changes to Form W-4, LinkedIn Learning, Inventory Confirmations, Announcements & Deadlines

December 10, 2019:
Transfer Vouchers, Entering Time Sheets, Key Control, Announcements & Deadlines

November 12, 2019:
New Staff Introductions, The Impact of Department of Labor’s Changes to the University of Memphis, WorkforUM Q&A, Student Appointment E-Contract Demo, Announcements & Deadlines

October 8, 2019:
Transfer Voucher Form, Non-Resident Alien (NRA) Tax Compliance, Fraud, Waste & Abuse, What's New? Who Knew? What's Due?

September 10, 2019:
Focus on Finance & HR Membership, Staples Vendor Presentation, Meet Your New HR Team, Annual Benefits Open Enrollment Period, Fall Budget, Announcements & Deadlines

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