Department Research Focus Areas

Get ready to dive in because reasearch opportunities are all around you at Herff! As one of only two public universities in Tennessee classified as research intensive, the UofM offers its students remarkable research opportunities in graduate-level labs, while still in undergraduate studies. Herff prides itself on the world-class research endeavors of our faculty. As early as freshman year, students are likely be invited by faculty members or mentors to work on research or design projects that match up with their interests. Students might also get the opportunity to share their findings through professional publications and presentations. 

Primary departmental research focus areas are:

Biomedical Engineering
Biomechanics & Biomaterials
Cell & Tissue Engineering
Chemical & Biosensors and Diagnostic Devices

Civil Engineering
Ground Water Studies
Geotechnical Engineering
Earthquake Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Soft Computing

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Electrical Systems
Imaging sensors & electronic devices
Computer hardware/software co-design
Sensor networks
Biomedical Systems
Intracranial pressure monitoring
Medical image processing
Medical data visualization
Intelligent Information Systems
Knowledge Engineering/Semantic Web
Scientific & Engineering data visualization
Image & multi-media processing
Computer learning technologies
Optical Instrumentation 
Smart Grid
Power Systems
Cybersecurity in Power Grids

Engineering Technology
Industrial Automation & Control Systems
Operational Systems Enhancement
Electronic Communications
Internet Protocols and Software Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
Computational Mechanics
Finite Element Analysis
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Medical and Biological Applications
Sustainable Energy Systems

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