Herff Hones STEM Excellence

Rendering of the under construction STEM Research & Classroom Building

The Herff College of Engineering’s new STEM Classroom and Research Building is a 65,000-square-foot facility that will serve as a new home for STEM research, instruction and competition/exhibit space. The project serves as a signal to our students, faculty and the community that we are deeply dedicated to STEM excellence now and for decades to come. It also creates an inviting front door on the west side of campus that becomes an eye-catching focal point for the University.

Future of STEM will be shaped in Memphis

The structure represents the continuing aspirations for the ongoing success of the Herff College of Engineering and will take it to an entirely new level. While Herff’s growing engineering programs will benefit greatly from the space, the facility will also be used by the University’s College of Arts & Sciences. Design plans include an advanced manufacturing lab, biomaterials lab, earthquake engineering lab, cyber security lab, data science lab, a lab for the UofM’s Institute for Intelligent Systems and potentially an ag-tech lab.

The addition of this spectacular facility will energize and enliven a critical corridor on campus, creating a hub of innovation and collaboration where students can gather in labs for coursework-related to competitions and for meetings through student organizations. A walkaway will connect the new STEM building to the current engineering building. This is a monumental step forward for Herff, and we are grateful that engineering is valued, celebrated and generously supported in Memphis.

A Community & Culture of Collaboration

Successful collaboration, the act of working with someone to produce or create something, takes place here at the UofM every day: in the classroom, across campus, in conjunction with private industry and in partnership with other institutions of higher education. Despite current space deficiencies, our faculty and students produce nationally-lauded research supported by the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and numerous other public and private entities. 

Our research, projects and partnerships demonstrate UofM's ability to imagine possibilities, engage with partners, and create measurable impact. The vision for the SRCB is no different, except anticipate this facility's long-term impact to surpass what we can currently fathom or even measure. Our vision is based on a strategically crafted plan that includes construction of a $40 million, 65,000-square-foot facility dedicated specifically to STEM disciplines.

Together, we can innovate and inspire

In addition to supporting 16 undergraduate and graduate programs, the STEM Research & Classroom Building (SRCB) will be home to innovative research areas including: earthquake engineering, cyber secutiry, workforce development, advanced manufacturing, hydrology, big data, artificial intelligence, transportation and biomaterials, just to name a few. The resulting synergy will enable the University of Memphis to claim its place among the most relevant and effective comprehensive teaching and research universities in the nation. 

Because of this, the SRCB offers a significant, once in a lifetime opportunity for corporate brand visibility and personal philanthropic goals. Your contribution will not only inspire the next generation STEM workforce, but your name will become synonymous with research and scholarly activity that inspires all dimensions of creativity, discovery and innovation. There are a variety of options to ensure that your philanthropic commitment is represented in perpetuity. We look forward to exploring the possibilities together. 

For more information:
Clarice Hunt
Director of Development