Black History Month Spolight: Dr. Alexander Headley

Dr. Headley headshot

Dr. Alexander Headley
Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering

“I’ve always enjoyed teaching, so getting to work here as a professor with both undergraduate and graduate students has been great,” - Dr. Alexander Headley

Research Expertise: Energy Systems

Dr. Headley came to the University of Memphis in 2020. As a child, he and his brothers spent a lot of time making toys. Early in his college career, he decided to turn his childhood hobbies into engineering. He received his M.S. and PhD from the University of Texas at Austin where he studied mechanical engineering with a focus in ThermoFluid Sciences. Dr. Headley always finds fun in taking on a challenge. Lately, he has been helping a research lab in Hawaii with their renewable energy systems, while also working on research related to expanding renewable energy storage. He believes there will be amazing new publications from the research lab in Hawaii soon.