Recent Dissertations

For all of these dissertations, the database ProQuest Dissertations & Theses A&I available through the University Libraries allows the viewing of citations, abstracts, and full text. You may also purchase copies in various formats from ProQuest. It appears to take several months for new dissertations to be included in the database.

Beginning with the Fall 2010 semester, dissertations at The University of Memphis must be submitted to the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository (ETD). Authors may allow unrestricted access, allow access by University of Memphis authorized users only, or deny access altogether, so a particular dissertation may or may not be available through the repository.



  • Maria R. Carlenius, 2015. Egypt's Unusual Iron Age: From the Time of Hammering Prestige Goods in the Predynastic Era and late Jenny Jobe Demilio, 2015. "Theophilus Hunter Holmes: An Active Life of Plenty". Major Professor: Charles W. Crawford
  • Jeffrey Scott Frizzell, 2015. "The Impossible, Only Solution: School Busing and Racial Integration in Memphis, Tennessee, 1972-1975". Major Professor: Aram Goudsouzian
  • Rita M. Hall, 2015. "Pragmatism, Professionalization, and Privatization in the Administration of the Memphis Zoo, 1906-2016". Major Professor: Charles W. Crawford
  • Malcolm Frierson, 2015. Coming to the Stage: Dick Gregory, Bill Cosby, and the Politics of African American Comedy, 1961-1975. Major Professor: Aram Goudsouzian
  • Roy Dean Dowdy, 2015. History of Enlisted Women in the Air National Guard, 1968-2012. Major Professor: Stephen Stein
  • Harry Roger Young, 2015. Stories of the Trenton Six: Race and the Early Cold War, 1948-1953. Major Professor: Aram Goudsouzian
  • James Conway, 2015. Moderated Militants in the Age of Black Power: The Memphis NAACP, 1968-1975. Major Professor: Aram Goudsouzian
  • Le’Trice Donaldson, 2015. A Legacy All Their Own: African American Soldiers Fight for Citizenship, Race, and Manhood, 1870-1920. Major Professor: Stephen Stein




  • Kaylin T. Ewing, 2014. “Her Own Kind of Woman”: The Life of Alberta Hunter. Major Professor: Beverly Bond
  • Michael Lejman, 2014. Being Different: The Life and Work of Albert Memmi. Major Professor: Daniel Unowsky
  • MIchael Blum, 2014. “An Island of Peace in a Sea of Racial Strife”: The Civil Rights Movement in Knoxville, Tennessee. Major Professor: Aram Goudsouzian
  • Jack Lorenzini, 2014. “Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand”: Student Activities at Memphis State University in the 1960s. Major Professor: Aram Goudsouzian
  • Rachel Jana Mittelman, 2014. "Ceramics as an Ethnic Identifier: Libyans in the Nile Delta during the Third Intermediate Period", Major Professor: Suzanne Onstine
  • Nancy R. Parrish, 2014. "Cotton, Factory, and People: The Production of Bemis, Tennessee, a Mill Town" Major Professor: Charles W. Crawford




  • Brian Marc Edward McClure, 2013. Educating the Atlantic: Foreign Students and Global Exchange at Tuskegee Institute. Major Professor: Aram Goudsouzian
  • Mark D. Janzen, 2013. The Iconography of Humiliation: The Depiction and Treatment of Bound Foreigners in New Kingdom Egypt. Major Professor: Peter Brand
  • Shawn Fisher, 2013. The Battle of Little Rock. Major Professor: Aram Goudsouzian



  • Richard L. Saunders, 2012. “Encouraged by a Little Progress”: Voting Rights and the Contests over Social Place and Civil Society in Tennessee’s Fayette and Haywood Counties, 1958-1964. Major Professor: Aram Goudsouzian
  • Jared Krebsbach, 2012. Turmoil and Conflict: A Thematic and Chronological Study of Dynastic Transition in Late Period Egypt. Major Professor: Peter Brand
  • Katherine J. Fox, 2012. Pidgin in the Classroom: Hawai’i’s English Standard Schools, Americanization, and Hawaiian Identity, 1920-1960. Major Professor: Janann Sherman
  • Carl Edgar Brown, 2012. “Improving the Way to the Land of Opportunity”: Internal Improvements in Antebellum Arkansas. Major Professor: Charles Crawford
  • Chrystal Elaine Goudsouzian, 2012. Becoming Isis: Myth, Magic, Medicine, and Reproduction in Ancient Egypt. Major Professor: Susan Onstine
  • Kevin Johnson, 2012. Transition and Legitimation in Egypt’s Nineteenth and Twentieth Dynasties: A Study of the Reigns of Siptah, Tausret, and Sethnakht. Major Professor: Peter Brand
  • Sheena Harris, 2012. A Female Reformer in the Age of Booker T. Washington: The Life and Times of Margaret Murray Washington. Major Professor: Beverly Bond
  • Richard Harold Nollan, 2012. Heart’s Blood: A Biography of Lemuel Whitley Diggs. Major Professor: Charles Crawford
  • Doris Ann Youngblood Mulhearn, 2012. Southern Graces: Women, Faith, and the Quest for Social Justice, Memphis, Tennessee, 1950-1969. Major Professor: Aram Goudsouzian
  • Marilyn Horton Taylor, 2012. George “Machine Gun” Kelly: His Life and Impact. Major Professor: Charles Crawford
  • Maurice Brown, 2012. Plantation Schools: A History of Rural Black One-Room Schools in the Mid-South and the Mississippi Delta from Reconstruction to 1968.
  • Darien Nikolaev Stephanov, 2012. Minorities, Majorities, and the Monarch: Nationalizing Effects of the Late Ottoman Royal Public Ceremonies, 1808–1908. Major Professor: Kent Schull
  • Cynthia J. Sadler, 2012. Standing in the Shadows: African American Informants and Allies of the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission. Major Professor: Dr Janann Sherman
  • Leigh Ann Wilson, 2012. Fighting Two “Devils”: Eleuterio Escobar and the School Improvement League’s Battle for Mexican and Mexican-American Students’ Educational Equality in the San Antonio, Texas Public Schools, 1934 to 1958. Major Professor: Janann Sherman


  • Darius Young, 2011. “The Gentleman from Memphis”: Robert R. Church Jr. and African American Leadership during the Early Civil Rights Movement. Major Professor: Aram Goudsouzian
  • Shirletta Kinchen, 2011. “We want what people generally refer to as Black Power”: Youth Activism and the Impact of the Black Power Movement in Memphis, Tennessee, 1965-1975. Major Professor: Aram Goudsouzian
  • Lyndel Fisher, 2011. The Theological Antecedents of the Assemblies of God: Baptist and Presbyterian Roots. Major Professor: Charles W. Crawford
  • Reginald K. Ellis, 2011. James Edward Shepard and the Politics of Black Education in North Carolina during the Jim Crow Era: 1875-1947. Major Professor: Beverly Bond
  • Daryl Carter, 2011. President Bill Clinton, African Americans, and the Politics of Race and Class. Major Professor: Aram Goudsouzian


  • Joe Frazer, Jr., 2010. The Fourth Parliament of Elizabeth I: A Legislative Statistical History. Major Professor: James M. Blythe
  • Jayme Millsap Stone, 2010. “They Were Her Daughters”: The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and Grassroots Organizing for Social Justice in the Arkansas Delta, 1963-1967. Major Professor: Janann Sherman
  • Carol Ciscel, 2010. Inseparable Companion: The Consolation of Heloise. Major Professor: James M. Blythe
  • Roy Hopper, 2010. The Monuments of Amenmesse and Seti II: A Historical Inquiry. Major Professor: Peter J. Brand
  • Chris Ivanes, 2010. National Ideology and The Making of a Nation: Simion Barnutiu and the Romanian Revolution of 1848-1849 in Transylvania. Major Professor: Daniel Unowsky


  • Kimberly Ellen Nichols, 2009. The Civil Rights Underground: The Movement for Compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Major Professor: Janann Sherman
  • Robert Calvin Griffin, 2009. The Worship of Syro-Canaanite Deities in Egypt: Iconographic, Epigraphic, and Historical Analyses of the New Kingdom Evidence. Major Professor: Peter J. Brand
  • Louise Marie Cooper, 2009. Great Overlord of the Name: The Office of Nomarch During the First Intermediate Period. Major Professor: Peter J. Brand
  • >John Lawrence Bass, 2009. Bolsheviks on the Bluff — A History of the Memphis Communists and Their Labor and Civil Rights Contributions, 1930-1957. Major Professor: Charles W. Crawford
  • Horace K. Houston, 2009. Catalyst for Antebellum Conflict: The Fugitive Slave Law of 1850. Major Professor: Charles W. Crawford
  • Josh Gorman, 2009. Museums and the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma. Major Professor: James E. Fickle
  • Yuan Gao, 2009. Deconstructing the Provincial Identity: A Case Study of Post-Mao Shaanxi. Major Professor: James M. Blythe; Adjunct Co-Mentor: Lung-kee Sun


  • Larry Powers, 2008. George C. Krick — American Guitarist: 1871-1962. Major Professor: Dr Charles W. Crawford
  • Matthew Daniel Mason, 2008. A Partial Presentation of the Past: A Critical Examination of Wisconsin Death Trip. Major Professor: Dr Janann Sherman.
  • Ed Hamelrath, 2008. From Dictatorship to Democracy: A Reform of the German Volkspolizei in the State of Saxony after the Fall of the GDR, 1989-1994. Major Professor: Daniel Unowsky
  • Jonathan Weems, 2008. A Challenge Constantly Renewed: Medicare and the Struggle for National Health Insurance. Major Professor: Janann Sherman
  • Donna Reeves, 2008. Battle for an Image: Black Memphians Define Their Place in Southern History. Major Professor: Janann Sherman
  • Whitney Huey, 2008. Virtue and Authority: A Consideration of Catherine of Siena’s Letters as Political Theory. Major Professor: James M. Blythe
  • Keith Sisson, 2008. Giles of Rome’s Hierocratic Theory of Universal Papal Monarchy. Major Professor: James M. Blythe


  • Paul White, 2007. Kennedy Army Hospital. Major Professor: Charles W. Crawford
  • Elton Weaver, 2007. “Mark the Perfect Man, and Behold the Upright”: Bishop C.H. Mason and the Emergence of the Church of God in Christ in Memphis, Tennessee. Major Professor: Beverly G. Bond


  • Raybon Joel Newman, 2006. Race and the Assemblies of God Church: The Journey from Azusa Street to the “Miracle of Memphis.” Major Professor: Charles W. Crawford


  • John Has-Ellison, 2005. True Art is Always an Aristocratic Matter: Nobles and the Fine Arts in Bavaria, 1890-1914. Major Professor: Daniel Unowsky
  • Marcel Oyono, 2005. Colonization and Ethnic Rivalries in Cameroon since 1884. Major Professor: Janann Sherman