Graduate Student Bios and Research



James Barney
Ph.D. Student

Photo of James Barney

Advisor: Dr. Aram Goudsouzian 

Email: jjbarney@memphis.edu

Research Interests: History of Sexuality and Gender; African American History (post-1945); American Foreign Diplomacy (post-1945); New York City History (post-1945), and Modern European History (post-1945). 

Tentative Dissertation Tittle: “David Dinkins and New York City, 1989 – 1993: Political Coalition-Building and Governance in the Age of Identity Politics.” 


Chelsea Buggs

Photo of Chelsea Buggs

Advisors: : Dr. Aram Goudsouzian and Dr. Beverly Bond

Email: cbuggs@memphis.edu

Research interests: late 19th-early 20th century southern African American History with an emphasis on women and gender studies, Black feminism, and identity. Currently, exploring late 19th-early 20th century middle-class Black women Memphians’ intellectual-activism, their identity construction and demonstration, and the connections between Black liberation and white supremacy via identity construction and demonstration.

Tentative Dissertation Title: I am Me: Middle-Class Black Women Memphians’ Intellectual-Activism, Identity, & Black Liberation and White Supremacy in the Jim/Jane Crow Era, 1880-1930


Macon Bullock
M.A. Student

Photo of Macon Bullock

Email: mwbllock@memphis.edu

Research Interests: U.S. Colonial History, U.S. in the Age of Jackson, African-American History, American Civil War, The Word Wars, and U.S. Historiography.


Taylor Deane
Ph.D. Student

Photo of Taylor Deane

Advisor: Dr. Peter Brand

Email: mdeane@memphis.edu

Research Interests: New Kingdom, Eighteenth Dynasty Officials, Non-royal Theban Tombs, Memory Sanctions

Dissertation Title: 'Official' Obliteration: Defaced Images and Texts in Eighteenth Dynasty Non-Royal Theban Tombs


Damarius Harris
Ph.D. Student

Photo of Damarius Harris

Advisor: Dr. Susan O’Donovan

Email: dhrris42@memphis.edu

Research Interests: U.S. History to 1877 - South during the Reconstruction Era; Elite white Mississippians’ efforts to undermine Reconstruction Era reforms to protect their class and political power; Exploring how elite whites continued to hinder socioeconomic and citizenship reforms for poor black and white Mississippians.

Tentative Dissertation Title: A Way of Life: The Struggle to Reconstruct Class and Citizenship in America.


Micki Kaleta
Ph.D. Student

kaleta profile photo

Advisor: Dr. Susan O'Donovan

Email: mykaleta@memphis.edu

Research Interests: Nineteenth Century U.S., Slavery, Reconstruction, Enslaved Family, and African American History

Dissertation title: "The Impact of Forced Migration on the Antebellum Enslaved Family on the Cotton Frontier"


Brandon Poppell
M.A. Student

Photo of Brandon Poppell

Email: bjpppell@memphis.edu

Research Interests: How individual practitioners negotiate monopolistic religion in cosmopolises and complex societies, especially in Egypt during the Roman Period (30 BCE-395 CE); archaeology; the interpretation of artifacts as extension of individual agency.
Brandon has been participating in archaeological work for the past seven years, with his last work being at Tell-Timai, a Ptolemaic and Roman site, inhabited from the 4th century BCE-9th century CE, in Mansoura, Egypt


Cristina Rose
Ph.D. Student

rose profile image

Advisor: Dr. Peter Brand

Email: clrose1@memphis.edu

Research Interests: Egyptian Epigraphy; New Kingdom & Ramesside Temples; Middle Egyptian Grammar; Greco-Roman History; Museum Studies   


Rebekah Barrett Vogel
Ph.D. Student

vogel image profile

Advisor: Dr. Peter Brand

Email: rbrrett2@memphis.edu

Research Interests: New Kingdom Egypt, focus on foreign relations and cultural interconnection with Late Bronze Age powers