Graduate Student Bios and Research

Kyra Sanchez Clapper
PhD Student

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Advisor: Andrew Daily
Email: kclapper@memphis.edu
Research Interests: 19th Century France; Romanticism; Iroquois; Environmental History; History of Science; History of Literature
Dissertation Title: "Les jardins américains: Chateaubriand's Recreation of the American Landscape in Paris" (working title)   


Wendy J. Clark
ABD, History

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 Advisor: Scott P. Marler
Email: wjclark@memphis.edu
Research Interests: Nineteenth-century American South, U.S. history to 1877, Environmental History


Ashley Foley Dabbraccio
ABD History

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Advisor: Susan O'Donovan
Research Interests: Gender and Sexuality, Transnational and Global Studies, Social and Cultural History, 19th Century United States
Dissertation Title: "Gilded Age Tourists: Creating the United States through Transatlantic Travel" (working title)


Erika Feleg
ABD History

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Advisor: Peter Brand
Research Interests: Ramesses II; Ramesside Temples; Egyptian Epigraphy; Middle and Late Egyptian Grammar
Dissertation title: "The Ramesside Forecourt at Luxor Temple" (working title

Matt Isaacs
PhD Student

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Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian
email: misaacs@memphis.edu
Research Interests: 20th century African American History, Communism during the Interwar Period


Micki Kaleta
ABD History

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Advisor: Susan O'Donovan
Research Interests: Nineteenth Century U.S., Slavery, Reconstruction, Enslaved Family, and African American History
Dissertation title: "The Impact of Forced Migration on the Antebellum Enslaved Family on the Cotton Frontier"


Dustin Peasley
ABD History

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Advisor: Suzanne Onstine
Email: dpeasley@memphis.edu
Current Research: Predynastic Egypt, Ancient Ceramic Technology & Typology, Geographic Information Science
Dissertation (working title): Picking up the Pieces. Examining the role of family in the Predynastic through funerary remains at Hierakonpolis, Egypt. 

Cristina Rose
PhD Student

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Advisor: Dr. Peter Brand
Email: clrose1@memphis.edu
Current Research: Egyptian Epigraphy; New Kingdom & Ramesside Temples; Middle Egyptian Grammar; Greco-Roman History; Museum Studies          


Daniel SmithPhD Student


Advisor: Peter Brand
Email: desmith8@memphis.edu
Current Research: Language and Culture of Ancient Egypt


Rebekah Barrett Vogel
PhD Student

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Advisor: TBD
Email: rbrrett2@memphis.edu
Current Research: New Kingdom Egypt, focus on foreign relations and cultural interconnection with Late Bronze Age powers