Alumni Placement

Since 1990 our graduate alumni have acquired employment at a rate consistent with overall trends in the profession. From community colleges to research universities, our alumni are productive and respected historians across the US. One of our graduates serves as a Program Director of African-American Studies. Two of our graduates enjoy the distinction of serving as the chair of their respective departments. Other graduates are employed as faculty and administrative staff at private academies and public high schools, hold positions in museums and libraries, work as full-time research associates, or pursue post-doctoral studies. Many of our MA students are accepted into doctoral programs. The following are some of our recent graduate placements:


Harry Barber, PhD 2023
Fleet Seminar Professor for the U.S. Naval War College
Advisor: Dr. Stephen Stein

Amber Colvin, PhD 2023
Associate Director of Community Engagement and Director of Lausanne Learning, Lausanne Collegiate School, Memphis, TN
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Unowsky

Morgan Ingram Bentley, MA 2023
Social Studies Teacher, Memphis School of Excellence in Cordova, TN
Advisor: Dr. Sarah Potter

James J. Barney, PhD 2022
Professor of Legal Studies, American Public University System
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Heather McNamee, PhD 2022
BSE Social Science Program Director, Arkansas State University
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Micki Y. Kaleta, PhD 2021
Associate Professor, Mitchell Community College
Advisor: Susan O’Donovan

Amanda J. Shaffery, PhD 2021
Staff Archaeologist, Educational Program Presenter, Geologic Times Corporation
Advisor: Suzanne Onstine

Kyra K.  Sanchez Clapper, PhD 2021
Assistant Professor, Bethel University, McKenzie, Tennessee
Advisor : Andrew Daily

Rebekkah Y. Mulholland, PhD 2020
Assistant Professor of History at California State University at Sacramento
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Jennifer Bennie, MA 2019
Director of Business Development, Echo Five Group

Reina Henderson, MA 2019
Doctoral Program at Duke University
Advisor: Andrew Daily

Jeremy Stitts, MA 2019
Doctoral Program at Princeton University
Advisor: Benjamin Graham

Jeffrey L. Jones, PhD 2018
Veterans Education Coordinator, University of Memphis
Advisor : Aram Goudsouzian

Dianna Fraley, PhD 2018
History Instructor, Black River Technical College
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Troy Hallsell, PhD 2018
Historian, 341st Missile Wing, Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana
Advisor: Sarah Potter

Andrea Ringer, PhD 2018
Assistant Professor, Tennessee State University
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Keith Wood, PhD 2018
Teacher, Christian Brothers High School
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Elizabeth R. Warkentin, PhD 2017
Instructional Resource Manager, Mission Ignite
Advisor: Suzanne Onstine

Jeffrey Scott Frizzell, US History, PhD 2016
Adjunct Faculty, Bryan College
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

James Conway, African American History, PhD 2015
Associate Professor, Arkansas State University
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Malcolm Frierson, African American History, PhD 2015
Visiting Assistant Professor, Loyola Marymount University 
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Kaylin T. Ewing, African American History, PhD 2014
Associate Professor, Department of Gender and Race Studies, University of Alabama
Advisor: Beverly Bond

Michael Blum, African American History, PhD 2014
Project Coordinator, [bu:st] LLC
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Michael Lejman, Modern European History, PhD 2014
Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Arkansas State University – Mid-South
Advisor: Daniel Unowsky

Jack Lorenzini, African American History, PhD 2014
Visiting Assistant Professor of History, University of Pittsburgh Bradford
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Rachel Mittelman, Ancient Egyptian History, PhD 2014
Visiting Assistant Professor, Southwestern University 
Advisor: Suzanne Onstine

Carl E. Brown, US History, PhD 2013
History Faculty, East Arkansas Community College
Advisor: Charles Crawford

Shawn Fisher, African American History, PhD 2013
Chair of the Department of History and Political Science, Harding University
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Mark Janzen, Ancient Egyptian History, PhD 2013
Associate Professor, Center for Biblical Archeology, Lipscomb University 
Advisor: Peter Brand

Richard Saunders, African American History, PhD 2013
Collections Librarian, Southern Utah University
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Chrystal E. Goudsouzian, Ancient Egyptian History, PhD 2012
Associate Professor of Teaching, Department of History, University of Memphis
Advisor: Suzanne Onstine

Sheena Harris, African American History, PhD 2012
Associate Professor, Department of History, West Virginia University 
Advisor: Beverly Bond

Kevin Johnson, Ancient Egyptian History, PhD 2012
Associate Professor and Chair, History, Global and Political Studies Department, Taylor University
Advisor: Peter Brand

Ann Mulhearn, US History, PhD 2012
Lecturer, Middle Tennessee State University
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Richard Nollan, US History, PhD 2012
Executive Director, Preston Smith Library of the Health Sciences, Lubbock TX
Advisor: Charles Crawford

Darin Stephanov, Middle Eastern History, PhD 2012
Guest Researcher at Islamic Cultures and Societies Research Unit at Aarhus University, Denmark 
Advisor: Kent Schull

Leigh Ann Wilson, US History, PhD 2012
Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Global
Advisor: Janann Sherman

Daryl Carter, African American History, PhD 2011
Professor, Associate Dean, and Directory, Black American Studies, Department of History, East Tennessee State University
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Shirletta Kinchen, African American History, PhD 2011
Associate Professor, Pan-African Studies, University of Louisville
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Reginald Ellis, African American History, PhD 2011
Professor of History and African American Studies, Florida A&M University
Advisor: Beverly Bond

Darius Young, African American History, PhD 2011
Associate Professor, Florida A&M University
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Joe Frazer, British History, PhD 2010 †
Professor Emeritus of History, Judson College
Advisor: James M. Blythe

Chris Ivanes, Modern European History, PhD 2010
Associate Lecturer, Sapientia-Hungarian University of Transylvania
Advisor: Daniel Unowsky

Jayme Stone, US History, PhD 2010
Director of Learning Communities, University of Central Arkansas
Advisor: Janann Sherman

Josh Gorman, US History, PhD 2009
Acting Assistant Director of Collections at Smithsonian National Museum of American History
Advisor: James Fickle

Robert Griffin, Ancient Egyptian History, PhD 2009
Academic Dean, Mid-South Christian College
Advisor: Peter Brand

Keith Sisson, Medieval European History, PhD 2008
Managing Director | UMRF Ventures
Advisor: James Blythe

Whitney Kennon, Medieval European History, PhD 2008
General Studies Principal Grades 9-12, Margolin Hebrew Academy in Memphis, Tennessee
Advisor: James Blythe

Matthew Mason, US Since 1877, PhD 2008
Part-Time Faculty, Quinnipiac University 
Advisor: Janann Sherman

Elton Weaver, African American, PhD 2007
Assistant Professor of Teaching, University of Memphis
Advisor: Beverly Bond

Raybon Joel Newman, US History, PhD 2005
First Assembly Christian School, Principal
Advisor: Charles Crawford

Rhonda Charnes Martin, MA 2005
High School History and Government Teacher, Margolin Hebrew Academy/Yeshiva of the South, Memphis, TN

Gary Edwards, US History, PhD 2004
Associate Professor of History at Arkansas State
Advisor: Charles Crawford

Alysson Gill, Ancient History, PhD 2004
Provost, University of the Ozarks
Advisor: Peter Brand

Lawrence G. Gundersen, US History, PhD 2004
Professor of History and Political Science, Jackson State Community College
Advisor: Charles Crawford

John Trygve Has-Ellison, Modern Europe, PhD 2004
Fraud Chief, US Consulate General Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Advisor: Daniel Unowsky

Steven Patterson, Modern European History, PhD 2003
Associate Professor of History, Mississippi College
Advisor: Abe Kriegel

Julie Elb, Early Modern European History, PhD 2003
Teacher, Lausanne School in Memphis, Tennessee
Advisor: Walter R. Brown

Judy LeForge, US History, PhD 2002
Associate Professor of History, Union University
Advisor: Charles Crawford

Nathan Kent Moran, US History, PhD 1999
University of Memphis, Research Associate, Center for Earthquake Research and Information
Advisor: Charles Crawford

Jonathan Jones, US to 1877, PhD 1998
Faculty, Memphis University School
Advisor: C. Edward Skeen

Gina Hogue, US History, PhD 1997
Associate Professor of History and Associate Dean, Arkansas State
Advisor: David Tucker

David H. Jackson, Jr., African American History, PhD 1997
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at North Carolina Central University
Advisor: Charles Crawford

Michael Bertrand, US Since 1877, PhD 1995
Professor, Tennessee State University
Advisor: Charles W. Crawford

Dixie Hicks, Modern America, African- American history and the Civil Rights Movement, PhD 1992
Retired - Professor of History and Chair of Social Science, Faulkner University
Advisor: James Fickle