Alumni Placement

Since 1990 our graduate alumni have acquired employment at a rate consistent with overall trends in the profession. From community colleges to research universities, our alumni are productive and respected historians across the US. One of our graduates serves as a Program Director of African-American Studies. Two of our graduates enjoy the distinction of serving as the chair of their respective departments. Other graduates are employed as faculty and administrative staff at private academies and public high schools, hold positions in museums and libraries, work as full-time research associates, or pursue post-doctoral studies. Many of our MA students are accepted into doctoral programs. The following are some of our recent graduate placements:

Reina Henderson, MA 2019
Doctoral Program at Duke University
Advisor: Andrew Daily

Jeremy Stitts, MA 2019
Doctoral Program at Princeton University
Advisor: Benjamin Graham

Jennifer Bennie, MA 2019
Erie Maritime Museum, Erie PA

Dianna Fraley, PhD 2018
Social Science Instructor, Black River Technical College

F. Scott Frizzell, US History, 2016
Principal of the Middle School, Harding Academy
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

James Conway, African American History, PhD 2015
Associate Professor, Tarrant County College
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Malcolm Frierson, African American History, PhD 2015
Visiting Scholar in History, North Lake College
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Kaylin T. Ewing, African American History, PhD 2014
Associate Professor of History, Tennessee State University
Advisor: Beverly Bond

Michael Blum, African American History, PhD 2014
Assistant Professor of History, Jarvis Christian College
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Michael Lejman, Modern European History, PhD 2014
Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Arkansas State University – Mid-South
Advisor: Daniel Unowsky

Jack Lorenzini, African American History, PhD 2014
Lecturer, Texas A&M University, Kingsville
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Rachel Mittelman, Ancient Egyptian History, PhD 2014
Visiting Assistant Professor, Columbus State University
Advisor: Suzanne Onstine

Carl E. Brown, US History, PhD 2013
History Faculty, East Arkansas Community College
Advisor: Charles Crawford

Shawn Fisher, African American History, PhD 2013
Assistant Professor of History and Social Sciences, Harding University
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Mark Janzen, Ancient Egyptian History, PhD 2013
Professor of Ancient History, Dallas Theological Seminary
Advisor: Peter Brand

Richard Saunders, African American History, PhD 2013
Dean of Library Services, Southern Utah University
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Chrystal E. Goudsouzian, Ancient Egyptian History, PhD 2012
Instructor/Coordinator, Department of History, University of Memphis
Advisor: Suzanne Onstine

Sheena Harris, African American History, PhD 2012
Assistant Professor, Tuskegee University
Advisor: Beverly Bond

Kevin Johnson, Ancient Egyptian History, PhD 2012
Assistant Professor, Taylor University
Advisor: Peter Brand

Ann Mulhearn, US History, PhD 2012
Fulbright Roving Scholar in American Studies, Norway, 2012-2013
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Richard Nollan, US History, PhD 2012
Associate Professor, Reference and Instructional Services Coordinator, University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Advisor: Charles Crawford

Darin Stephanov, Middle Eastern History, PhD 2012
Postdoctoral research and Fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, 2012-2014; post-doctoral research at the Academy of Finland Project on Islam; coordinator of the Nordic Exploratory Workshops at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.
Advisor: Kent Schull

Leigh Ann Wilson, US History, PhD 2012
Assistant Professor, Brandman University
Advisor: Janann Sherman

Daryl Carter, African American History, PhD 2011
Associate Professor of History and Graduate Coordinator, East Tennessee State University
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Shirletta Kinchen, African American History, PhD 2011
Assistant Professor, Pan-African Studies, University of Louisville
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Reginald Ellis, African American History, PhD 2011
Assistant Professor, Florida A&M University
Advisor: Beverly Bond

Darius Young, African American History, PhD 2011
Assistant Professor, Florida A&M University
Advisor: Aram Goudsouzian

Joe Frazer, British History, PhD 2010
Assistant Professor and Chair, Judson College
Advisor: James M. Blythe

Chris Ivanes, Modern European History, PhD 2010
Associate Lecturer, Sapientia-Hungarian University of Transylvania
Advisor: Daniel Unowsky

Jayme Stone, US History, PhD 2010
Director of Learning Communities, University of Central Arkansas
Advisor: Janann Sherman

Josh Gorman, US History, PhD 2009
Collections Manager, Anacostia Community Museum, Smithsonian
Advisor: James Fickle

Robert Griffin, Ancient Egyptian History, PhD 2009
Academic Dean, Mid-South Christian College
Advisor: Peter Brand

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