Your % - Shoe Economy Assessment and Recommendation

*Assessments and testing are currently on hold*

Find out which shoe to race in and which to train in with this scientific testing. 

What it includes:

  • Running Economy Measurement
  • Expert Consultation
    • Data Analysis and Footwear Guidance

Are you interested in finding out which of your running/racing shoes are most economical for you?

Just as elite athletes are now benefitting from the technology changes in their footwear, so can you with the newest testing opportunity from the Human Performance Center. Bring up to four different pairs of shoes with you and we will measure how much energy you spend running in each pair.

In the wake of the controversy around performance marathon running shoes, runners from across the globe are learning about the mechanical advantage that the right shoes can offer. With a host of similar products coming on the market, and research highlighting that different shoes are better for different people, our sports science experts will provide detailed running efficiency data in each pair of shoes to provide recommendations on which of your shoes might be more appropriate for racing performance.

Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: $100