Memphis Law +1: Surviving Law School with Loved Ones

You've made it to Law School... Congrats! Now, what to do with ...the kids? How do you study when you still have to make dinner, wash clothes, pick up kids from sports, pay bills, walk the dog...? How do you explain to your significant other that you have to miss date night, AGAIN - FOR THE FIFTH TIME, because you have to read your assignment for CrimLaw, AGAIN - FOR THE FIFTH TIME. How do you explain that this is not like undergrad and even though you were once able to cram last minute or write research papers in a day and make an A, law school will consume every waking hour of your day and the elusive A may never come? Don't fret, we are here to help! Let us answer some of these questions for you. Each situation is different, but chances are one of us has experienced what you are going through. If not, we have lots of great ideas and can just be an ear to listen if that is all you need. It can be done!

Memphis Law +1 is an organization that seeks to provide a support system for students that have families; which includes, but is not limited to, children. The definition of the 'traditional' student has changed dramatically in the last decade as students in law school often already have families and many times are not coming directly out of undergraduate programs. This presents a unique challenge from time management to setting up a schedule that allows the student to network and create a resume' with greater time constraints that the 'traditional' student. Our organization seeks to create a support system, first and foremost, for the students by creating a network of such students that can, together, make tackling law school more productive. In the upcoming year Memphis Law +1 will be seeking a increasingly strategic approach in providing such a support system for students. We will continue to provide the emotional and academic support system that has been the goal of the organization from its inception. However, we will also be focusing on representing students with families when they are overlooked or they have unique struggles that need to be brought to the attention of administration on an institutional level. Additionally, we will be seeking to create networking opportunities through unique events and partnerships with other student organizations. Memphis Law +1 is sponsored by the law school's family law area and specifically by Professor Lynda Black. Therefore, this year we will be taking steps to network the local family law community inside of the school as well as networking with the local family law community. We are excited about the upcoming year and continuing to grow together under the strong belief that this process is not just possible to complete, but you can excel!