Institute News

Memphis Law was named as a "Top School for Health Law" by preLaw Magazine and placed on their "Health Law Honor Roll" in their Fall 2018 issue. The law school received an "A" grade on the honor roll and was one of only 16 law schools to earn an "A" grade. PreLaw noted that the law schools that do best in health law have strong ties to their neighboring medical communities, such as hospitals and state and federal regulatory agencies. They also based their grades on comprehensiveness of the curriculum and faculty, whether there is a Center or Institute, clinical or externship opportunities, and whether there are related student groups or journals. This issue of preLaw also touts Memphis's recent success with job placement, with an emphasis on those law schools with better-than-expected rates. Our law school was on their list of "Highest Performers," which consisted of 44 other law schools across the nation that also performed at a better than expected rate. If you are interested in reading more about either of these accomplishments, you can find more information here.

Memphis Law's Health Law program was recognized in the 2020 U.S. News and World Report specialty program rankings. Our Health Care Law program continues to gain in both local and national awareness and reputation, as evidenced by this new ranking. Our partnerships with nationally-recognized institutions like Le Bonheur Children's Hospital and the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative, as well as grant-funded work through organizations like the Kresge Foundation and others, have allowed us to build this nationally-recognized Health Law program.

The Institute has hosted a number of nationally-attended symposiums since it's inception. Past symposium topics and focus areas include:

  • Spring 2014 Symposium - "Race, Research, and Rights: The Legacy of the Tuskegee Syphilis Studies," with special guests Fred Gray and James Jones. 
  • Spring 2015 Symposium - "Building Blocks for a Better Community."
  • Spring 2016 Symposium - "An ACE in the Hand of Policy Reform; Loading the Deck for a Trauma-informed Juvenile Justice System."
  • Spring 2017 Symposium - "Uncertain Care: The Future of the Affordable Care Act."