JD/MPH Program

Public health, public policy, and issues of health disparities are at the forefront of many of America's unresolved social problems. Rising health care costs pose a growing threat to the economy, while for some access to even the most basic health care is tenuous. Lawyers play a central role in society's approach to these public health issues. However, their effectiveness is frequently limited by an inadequate knowledge of public health matters. To close this educational gap, the University of Memphis has created the JD/MPH dual degree program. The program offers students the opportunity to pursue a JD (Juris Doctor) and MPH (Master of Public Health) simultaneously. Students can complete both degrees in three years of full-time study, two years less than it would take to complete each degree separately.

The goal of the JD/MPH program is to prepare and train students to apply law and policy to benefit public health. The dual degree allows law students to combine in-depth advocacy and policy skills learned in the UofM's JD program with the population health perspective gained in the MPH program to address policy and advocacy needs at the community level.

Admissions and Program Requirements

Candidates must meet the entrance requirements for both the Juris Doctor and Master of Public Health degree programs and must notify both programs at the time of application that s/he intends to pursue the dual JD/MPH degree. Students will be admitted into each program separately, and completion of one degree is not contingent upon completion of both. Students can opt to apply for MPH program after their first year of study in the JD program as well.

The MPH is a 42-credit hour degree program, and the JD/MPH program will allow JD students to apply up to fifteen (15) credit hours of law courses for shared credit. Students must have a grade of C or higher for the law school courses that are to be credited toward the MPH degree; grades for the shared courses will not be counted in the GPA for the MPH degree. For a complete listing of law courses offered with shared credit, please click here.

JD/MPH Application

Applicants to the JD/MPH Program must be admitted to the Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law, the University of Memphis Graduate School, and the MPH Program. Please click here for the application form for the JD/MPH dual degree program.

Questions about the JD/MPH Program?

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Questions about the JD/MPH application process?

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