Approve Change of Concentration


Faculty will use this form to document approvals for SOM students who have submitted their online request to change their music concentration OR add-on a music concentration.

The student's online request MUST be on file, and all qualifications met (essays, interviews, documents, auditions) before an approval can be processed.

This submission, and other related documents will become a part of the student's SOM and University permanent file(s).

Enter information on the student who has made the request to switch concentrations.

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Certify that requirements are met and enter your decision in the section below.

Student meets the requirements for the new concentration.

Enter committee's admission decision for this student.

In most cases a min. of TWO approvers are required. Enter name and e-mail of AT LEAST TWO (2) approving committee members.

By Signing below, the committee members/Approvers, in good faith, attest that all information presented in this approval form is accurate, that the student has met all applicable requirements, and all decisions indicated herein have been adjudicated fairly.

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