8.0 Publicity, Marketing, & Outreach

8.1 Marketing Material Requests

8.1a. Print Materials

Faculty should submit a Performance/Event Marketing Form, after the space and technical support is scheduled, but no later than 30 days prior to the event.

In order to allow adequate time for production and proofing, you must submit program information at least three weeks before the event. 

Once the program is ready for submission it should be emailed to music_marketing@memphis.edu. When the program is ready, it will be emailed to you for proofing. Send you approval or revisions to music_marketing@memphis.edu. 

Electronic versions of event programs will be uploaded to XXX for patrons to view digitally or download and print at home for a keepsake. Large ensemble performances will have a limited amount of hard copy programs printed. Please email the requested amount when submitting your program information. 

The Marketing Department can produce digital and print posters for select concerts and events (except student recitals). Please submit at least one month before the event a Performance/Event Marketing Request form.  Printed posters may be produced if there is a plan to distribute the poster off-campus.The Communications and Marketing Officer has final approval on printed materials. The Marketing Department can produce digital posters for TVs and request other campus outlets to share. Students are responsible for their own recital posters, which they may post on appropriate bulletin boards in the School. The School does not permit posters on walls, windows, or doors. If given permission by the office occupant, postings on area bulletin boards are permissible. The Facilities Manager will remove all posters taped on doors, walls, or windows.

Press Releases, Community Calendar Listings
 For more complete advertising and public relations exposure, more information (previous reviews, media kits, articles, and photographs) is required from the faculty sponsor for an event. As soon as any of these items are available, please send them to music_marketing@memphis.edu with a minimum of four weeks. 

8.1b. Digital & Social Media

Requests for social media postings through the School of Music's channels should be made through the Marketing and Communications Officer with notice of at least five business days. Late submissions will be considered based on School priorities and availability in the social media channels’ schedule. 

8.2 Responsibility for Marketing & Publicity

Due to copyright issues, agreements with donors, and the desire to maintain a consistent, high-quality image for the School of Music:

  • All printed, broadcast and web-based marketing materials for performances, festivals, events and other School activities are the responsibility of the Marketing and Communications Officer. Do not design, produce or publish advertisement materials without the express consent of the Marketing and Communications Officer. If your department has an ongoing need for marketing materials, a branded template may be created for future use.  
  • Requests for these materials and support should be submitted through the Performance/ Event Marketing Request Form as soon as details are confirmed, and no later than 30 days from the event date.
  • All forms of publicity are the responsibility of the Marketing and Communications Officer. Do not contact members of the media without the express consent of the Marketing and Communications Officer or the Director of the School. If possible, delay responses to media requests or questions until you have contacted the Marketing and Communications Officer or School of Music Director. Make all requests for press releases, interviews, etc. to the Officer.
  • Ensembles, departments or other School groups that run independent social media channel accounts should inform the Marketing & Communication Officer of channels, and channel handles. All posts should adhere to UofM Social Media standards. Posts should always tag the School of Music social media channels on posts. Tagging and mentions will allow the School of Music to share and cross-promote independent media channels. 

8.3 SOM Website

Information on the website will be updated each summer. Requests for website updates will be sent out by mid-March. Faculty should submit website revisions and additions to the School of Music Marketing Office before the end of the spring semester. All revision requests are subject to approval. If additional changes are needed throughout the year please email them to music_marketing@memphis.edu allowing one week for changes to be made.