Guest Artist Proposal Form 

This form should be used to submit proposals for guest artist funding only if you have funding available in your area for the current academic year.  

Tips for Guest Artist Recruiting Events:

  • Local (non-University of Memphis) students should be invited. If you need assistance with identifying local schools to invite, contact our Community Engagement Coordinator, Jonathan Schallert. 
  • Classes should contain content that is relevant and interesting to students outside of U of Memphis (i.e. All-West prep, college audition tips, classes on fundamentals of playing, etc). Consider the age and playing ability of the students you are inviting and be sure your guest artist is aware of these demographics.
  • Promote your event through the local music education associations (WTSBOA, WTVMEA) and music stores (AMRO, Lane, etc.).
  • Promote the event on your personal or studio social media pages and/or ensure the School of Music Marketing department has your information by submitting a request here at least 14 days in advance.
  • Contact musicadmissions@memphis.edu to create a registration form for the event, which will enable you to capture name, school, grade, e-mail address and follow up with students after the event.
  • Coordinate with Jonathan Schallert to track the number of participants and student feedback data.
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