Inter-Play Arts Award

Cross College Collaboration Awards Artistic Works and Events

The Inter-Play Arts Award is an innovation contest hosted by the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music, Department of Theatre & Dance, and Department of Art that provides funding, support, and encouragement to artistic works and events from students and faculty that present multiple disciplines, combine and/or integrate art forms, explore boundaries between art disciplines, fuse or transcend disciplines, and look to new forms of expressions to help artists discover their personal voice.

  • Encouraging multidisciplinary collaboration in the arts and the discovery of new audiences
  • Cultivating and recognizing creativity
  • Fostering innovation and experimentation
  • Exploring personal life skills including communication, community engagement, relationship building, financial awareness, event management.
  • Community Programming and Interactive Events
  • Service or Issue Driven Causes
  • Other student-driven events involving musical performance and an audience

  • The creation and commissioning of new works.
  • Participatory art works, community-based work, and projects with a distinct focus on community engagement.
  • Projects that utilize art in civic and social practice, conflict transformation, and collaborative work with community partners.
  • Festivals and other activities in public spaces that are intended to foster community interaction and/or enhance the unique characteristics of a community.
  • Site-specific work, and outdoor spectacles.
  • Exposure and enrichment projects for youth, adults, and intergenerational groups.

Eligibility & Rules:

Each project can be awarded up to $1,000 Consultation is available about project design and application process. More information will be shared at the Interest Event. Students and faculty are encouraged to apply Projects must be collaborative and represent areas from the School of Music, Department of Theatre & Dance, and Department of Art. Multiple winners may be selected by the judging panel. Judges have discretion over the quantity and amount of the awards. Each team application will receive feedback from the judging panel. Applications are to be completed using the online submission process. Late proposals or project summaries will not be accepted.


  • September 21: Interest Event for all Music, Theatre/Dance, and Art students and faculty that are interested in applying and connecting with colleagues from other disciplines to determine projects. 
  • November 19: Proposals due
  • December 3:  Winners announced
    Collaboration workshop scheduled with winners. Plans are finalized, project is completed and documented through multimedia.
  • April 27: Performance/Presentation given at the School of Music Awards Ceremony